Mommy Raved With Alice at a Mad T Party: Was it a Dream or Was it Real?

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Mommy raved with Alice at a Mad T Party. Was it a dream or was it real?  It was definitely real! This Mommy really did enter the Rabbit Hole but I did not fall, oh no. I simply said an Absurd word.

One I must not share but if you care to have a peek with a hatter you must speak (or peek here). 

After speaking my absurd word, I was greeted by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Of course, I did not tumble down the tunnel, these hips shimmied to my favorite party rock songs. When I emerged from the passageway it was too a swirling kaleidoscope of color and foot tapping tunes exploding from the main stage.  Not, a cantankerousness cat, although he was there too, playing the drums on stage!

Don’t believe me? You will just have to see for your self at the Mad T Party in Disney California’ Adventure Park. It’s a vibrant nighttime party inspired by the manic energy of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Myself and 20 other moms danced the night away to the White Rabbit DJ and a Live Band compromised of the Mad Hatter and Alice on vocals, March Hare on bass, Dormouse on guitar, Caterpillar on keyboard, and that Cheshire Cat on drums.

If you’re not much of a dancer, I recommend visiting the The House of Cards, Drink Me Bar or Chiller Truck for some liquid courage and a variety of specialty foods.

Maybe drink a potion like the Croque-tini, Mad Hat-ito, Jabberwocky Juice or Cheshire Twist! Be ready to paint the roses red as one is surely bound to have courage inside.

At this party not everything is as it seems. A rave I expected, but a dancing deck I did not.  

The House of Cards lounge features a street dancing troupe called the Hottest Deck in Town. This troupe had moves more twisted than the tunnel.

One Lump or Two?

Stay away from my tea you ninny! I was talking about games at the Mad Arcade, not my beverage. One Lump or Two is just one of many games of skill like Cheshires Cat’s Smile Smash. Even the most discriminate gamer find something interesting. Even those who like the digital variety will find a toy like  the Alice in Wonderland portion of Kinect Disneyland Adventure!

The Mad T Party typically begins at dusk and continues until Disney California Adventure Park closes for the evening. It’s suitable for the Pre-Teen to the Adult too!

Thank you to Disney for making it possible for me to experience The Mad Tea Party. All opinions are original and no compensation was received.

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