The Hunt to Find the Perfect Backless Wedding Dress

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It’s on: The Hunt to Find the Perfect Backless Wedding Dress

I’m the first to admit – I was never that girl who daydreamed of getting married. After Ben proposed 5 months ago (wow, has it been that long?!?), I tried looking for a wedding dress and gave up, deciding I’d just wear a bikini or something instead.

Nothing really grabbed my attention and I honestly had NO CLUE what I was even looking for.

I recently tried to start the hunt up again and feel like I might actually be getting closer to what I *think* I want.

A couple months ago I fell in love with just one dress – a satin sweetheart neckline ballgown with a beautifully long train – the Pacifica by Sophia Tolli.

backless wedding dress
backless wedding dress
And then I just sort of lost interest.

And then we attended a wedding in Maui and I thought to myself, a satin ball gown simply will not do.

For my beach wedding in the sand, I really needed something light and flowy.

And then I saw this picture. I was immediately hooked on it – a sexy backless wedding dress.

backless wedding dress
After searching and searching for its designer (it’s Wanda Borges – THANKS KATY!!), I did finally see the front and I hated it. So I was back to square one still not really knowing what I wanted.

I still haven’t gone to try anything on yet (maybe I should?!?!), but I feel like I’m getting closer to at least finding a general style I like.




And these are my favorites thus far…

backless wedding dress

backless wedding dress
By Shareen Vintage

backless wedding dress

backless wedding dress
Grace by Amy Michelson

With an extra special affinity for this one below – LOVE! Glam by Amy Michelson.

backless wedding dress
See more beautiful backless wedding gowns here or check out our post on gorgeous beach wedding dresses you can buy on Etsy!


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  1. AAH i need to know where the one with the gold ribbon is from!! the one where you cant see her face, just her dark hair. the fourth one down. its amazing!!


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