Wanda Borges Wedding Dresses

While on the hunt for the perfect backless wedding dress, I’ve come across a few favorite designers that seem to be designing wedding gowns that are right up my alley.

The first designer I fell in love with was Wanda Borges and this beautiful backless gown. It’s what made me finally decide on a “style” of wedding dress that I want for our destination beach wedding.

Here are a few more gowns I like that this very talented Italian designer has come up with. I’m hoping some will be available to try on locally. For those of you that have already tried shopping for a Wanda Borges wedding dress, did you find that they were hard to come by? (click next page to view the dresses!)

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  1. I know I’m a little late here, but in case anyone else happens to stumble upon it – Wanda Borges only sells dresses by appointment in Brazil. She then draws a custom gown for you, and you must attend at least two fittings for the dress. On top of that, the gowns average at about $10,000. It’s not the most feasible designer for someone from the states.

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