Wanda Borges Defines Wedding Couture

Wanda Borgess Defines Wedding Couture
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Wanda Borges Wedding Dresses

Ladies, how old were you when you began dreaming about your wedding dress? I have friends that started making wish books in college with photos of designs and gowns they liked, before they were even engaged! Of course, while they’re flipping through binders and books of wedding ideas, today we have Pinterest!

In my search to find the perfect wedding gown, I’ve has fallen in love with the backless dresses designed by Brazilian designer Wanda Borges. If you take a look at some of her gorgeous dresses, its pretty easy to see why! Borges is passionate about using vintage lace in her designs and searches for it at fairs and antique shops around the world. Her dresses are described as “works of art.” They are elegant, simple, unique and elaborate. Its difficult to find much information about her, and as far as I can tell she doesn’t make collections like other designers.

Wanda Borgess Defines Wedding Couture
Wanda Borgess Dress Photo Credit Constance Zahn

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  1. Hi, I am a bride to be from England, UK. I have fallen in love with a Wanda Borges dress! Do you know who stocks them? I know you’re in the states, but perhaps i could get one shipped. I would be so grateful for your help! Best wishes Miranda x


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