MSC Meraviglia: A New Era of Luxury Cruise Ships

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MSC Cruises new Vista class cruise ships debut with the MSC Meraviglia to be completed in May 2015. With more than just luxury styling and amenities, it is the beginning of a new era of cruise ships.

The mighty Mediterranean Sea has connected civilizations for centuries. Ancient artifacts from the Stone Age have been discovered along its shores, and it is believed that Egyptians sailed its hearty waves as early as 3,000 B.C.

It is home to over 3,000 islands and borders 21 countries with 970,000 miles of blue serenity.

In May 2017, people from all over the world will have the chance to experience this beautiful sea and its coastline with MSC Cruises New Vista class of ships.

On Monday April 20th, there was a steel cutting ceremony in Saint-Nazaire at STX France that marked the birth of the first mega-ship that will provide luxury cruise vacations in the Mediterranean.

MSC Cruises, the world’s largest privately-owned cruise company, is behind this huge milestone.

Their Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago announced that the first ship, the MSC Meraviglia, will be completed in May 2015.

MSC VISTA cruise ship
Marked by a steel cutting ceremony today in Saint-Nazaire, work is now underway for the first of MSC Cruises’ $5.4 billion, 7-ship investment plan to double its capacity by 2020.

This progressive ship will hold 4,500 guests (double occupancy), and the first summer it will sail in the western Mediterranean.

Although the MSC Meraviglia will also be the first ship to have three homeports (in Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona), she will be able to call at any port.

People all over the world will be able to experience beautiful locations on the MSC Cruises’ next generation of ships.

At the ceremony, Pierfrancesco Vago said, “MSC Meraviglia will be the biggest and most innovative cruise ship ever built by a global European-based cruise line.

MSC Meraviglia brings together the industry knowhow of MSC Cruises, a young, bold company built upon 300 years of seafaring tradition and the expertise of one of the most advanced shipyards [STX France] in the world.”

MSC VISTA cruise ship

The MSC Meraviglia has incredible features with a unique Mediterranean style which will create a lavish experience for their guests. Some of the new features include:

  • Unique Cluster Cabins for families
  • Extended MSC Yacht Club
  • Exclusive luxury area on the foredecks
  • Duplex suites
  • Substantial Solarium
  • Private lounge and restaurant
  • Theatre
  • Variety of dining selections
  • Elements for both summer and winter cruising
  • Amusement park with an outdoor water park
  • Interior promenade with three-decks
  • 5,167 square foot LED Screen that makes up the ceiling of the ship’s interior. This digital sky will display incredible views day and night as well as provide scheduled entertainment.
MSC Meraviglia

New technology has also allowed the MSC Meraviglia to use Near Field Communication.

This feature allows guests to use their cruise card, bracelet, and or smartphone to accomplish much more electronically.

Guests can track the location of their children with this communication, they can also make onboard payments, and even access their staterooms.

The MSC Meraviglia is only the first ship in the Vista Project.

Another identical ship will be in service in 2019, and there are plans for two more ships in 2022. Clearly, this is just the beginning of the $5.4 Billion investment plan.

Want to be one of the first guests on the exclusive first sail in May 2017? You’ll have your chance to book this June!

MSC Cruises not only provides luxury cruising in the beautiful Mediterranean, but also gives back to the community through it’s partnership with UNICEF.

Since 2009, together they have collected over $3.5 million to combat child malnutrition. 

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