Naturalizer BZees Collection for Comfort and Function

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I prefer to be barefoot as often as possible. If I could jog barefoot without cutting up my feet, I would. However, at five months pregnant, something strange has happened to my feet. There has not been a lot of swelling just yet, but I am developing these terrible muscle spasms in the arches of my feet. My arches get so tight that I literally have to stop where I am and rub the cramp or it feels like the muscles will snap. The barely there sandals and shoes I have always worn are no longer as “freeing” as they were before. I have a suspicion that the extra weight on my frame is now informing me that I need a more supportive shoe.

Naturalizer BZeesTherefore, when I found the Naturalizer BZees Collection, I was excited for the incredible lightweight but supportive design. I tried out a pair of the sandals and fell in love with them. The dual air gel and Eva cushioning comfort system formed to my arches providing the support my feet having been screaming for these last few weeks, and the flexibility allows me to walk in many different terrains without feeling impeded by clunky soles. They are incredibly lightweight (less than 6 oz.!) which gives me the same barefoot feel I love. The soft stretch fabric has an antimicrobial lining, and there is a non-slip outsole.   

BZeesI have been wearing them everywhere. My arches have stopped aching, and even my back feels better with the additional support. As summer approaches and I continue to grow, I am excited to have a comfortable pair of sandals to accommodate my soon to be swollen feet. They come in five different colors, and they are only $39,99! Check out the many different styles the BZees collection has to offer, all made with the same great components that make them lightweight, easy to slip on, sporty, and oh so comfortable. The numerous designs give a variety of selection and luxury. After such a great experience with the sandals, my next purchase will have to be the Dash style. The lace-up shoe with non-slip sole will be just what I need for my summer hiking. I can ditch my worn out hiking shoes and enjoy a supportive, well-equipped shoe that will handle anywhere the summer may take me. 

Naturalizer BZeesI have received a pair of the BZees Bay Pink Mesh Sandals for review purposes. All opinions and experiences are my own. 


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  1. It’s almost like you wrote this up just for me. I’m supposed to wear more supportive shoes right now, but I want something lighter. And, here you are!! Thanks! Can’t wait to check them out.


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