Barrymore and Sandler Partner Once Again in Blended

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For most of us, the evolution of age can be a hard transition. The acquisition of more emotionally demanding roles such as marriage and family are surprising in their weight, but when we have friends like Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler to provide the comedic relief, it puts our world into perspective. Many of us have grown up with these two incredible actors and our lives have paralleled some of the age appropriate struggles depicted in their movies. It almost feels like we know them having seen them progress through life right on screen. In their new movie Blended, we once again see this harmonious duo mix comedy and the heartfelt moments of real life challenges.

Blended-Still8At a recent press day for Blended, there was an up close and personal interview with the incredible duo and Wendi McLendon-Covey, who played the snarky best friend of Barrymore’s character. In addition to the great interviews, participants also got a special treat – a special makeover using Flower Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore. The botanical-infused makeup is all made in the USA and never tested on animals. It was a great way to start to the event and a wonderful way to experience the many talents of Drew Barrymore. The royal treatment wrapped up just before the interviews commenced and the actors revealed the long history behind Barrymore and Sandler, how changes in their lives have affected their acting roles, and the favorite scene everyone shares.

Blended-Still4After everyone indulged in a little pampering, Barrymore and Sandler were up first for the eager questions. Drew Barrymore just recently had her second child and arrived radiant with the joy of new motherhood. Her down to earth honesty and open demeanor make her a great interview. Everyone’s favorite funnyman, Adam Sandler, was insightful and witty as he regaled the making of the movie and how having a family has changed his acting career. With such a long history in the business as well as a history of acting together, the two pros have a fluid relationship both on and off screen.

Their initial meeting was at Barrymore’s insistence, and she just knew that they were meant to work together. Now with two films under their belt as a pair, they both felt it was time to work together again. Sandler sent the script for Blended to Barrymore, and she loved it. When asked what in particular was attractive about the script, Barrymore thoughtfully responded,

“I laughed and I cried, and that’s what I care about in life…I think laughter and crying are twins. And they’re the same thing seesawing together.”

Her perceptive reflection is analogous to the interaction between her and Sandler. Barrymore’s kind hearted disposition “seesaws” Sandler’s fun-loving humor. It is a part of the magnetism that makes them a good match on screen.

Blended-Still5This movie is unlike their other movies together in the sense that a new element has been added to the equation – family. Lauren (Barrymore) and Jim (Sandler) are single parents that find themselves on a blind date together. After the evening goes disastrously wrong, the two vow to never see each other again. However, they meet again when they are trapped at a family resort together. Both actors realize that as they have entered parenthood, it has changed how they approach their acting careers.

Sandler confessed that while filming a few rated R movies after having children made him feel guilty. It seemed a blatant contradiction to do things in character that he adamantly told his children never to do. Sandler also admitted that he struggled with the fact that his character in Blended was a widower that had decided to date again. With a touch of genuine sadness, Sandler says that he tells his actual wife, “god forbid anything ever happens to either one of us…that’s it. I’m done.” He couldn’t ever imagine moving on and tells the audience that while watching the film, “the only thing that hurt is that [his character] move[s] on.”

It is obvious that Sandler is the type of actor that grows through his roles. He has allowed his life experiences to change him and affect how he approaches his work. Sandler has continued to explore roles with more depth and has gone outside his comfort zone playing characters other than the funny guy. Blended is the perfect example of Sandler’s evolving acting skills and his natural foresight to take on roles that reflect where he is in his life. Somehow, he still manages to fit in the comic relief creating a balance between humor and sincere emotion.

Blended-Still6Once the interviews with Barrymore and Sandler ended, Wendi McLendon-Covey happily greeted the audience with her boisterous and poised grace. She is well-known for her current role as Beverly Goldberg on the hit TV show The Goldberg’s. In Blended, Wendi plays Jen the witty and sassy best friend to Lauren. Having never worked with Barrymore, Wendi managed to pull off a familiar friendship on-screen. Wendi literally showed up and began filming her very first scene with Barrymore without ever meeting beforehand. The brazen demeanor she is so well known for shines as she plays Lauren’s protective and honest friend. She is the bold and supportive pal we all hope to have. The one that tells you like it is when you need it and coddles you when you can’t handle the truth.

When asked what advice she would give to women trying to be confident role models to their daughters, Wendi draws on her own experience as a child. Thinking of her own mother Wendi recalled, “I didn’t know what the phrase thunder thighs meant until my mom started saying that about herself.” She continued offering her own realization saying, “if you show your daughter a confident woman who maybe doesn’t do everything perfectly, but gives it a good try, and forgives herself, and picks herself up again the next day and does it all over. That’s a very good lesson.” Wendi displays a self-assured woman that is comfortable in her own skin, and it is evident on and off screen. But even Wendi has a soft side. She admits that one of her favorite moments in the movie was when Lauren (Barrymore) sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to her children. Sandler also agreed that this one of his favorite moments.

The gentleness of some of the scenes will touch your heart in an unexpected way and remind you that this group of actors is wildly talented. Each one so down to earth it feels like you know them personally, and that is part of the magic that makes the movie work so well. Blended is a harmony of emotion and laughter and moving for any age. Make sure you check it out May 23rd.

There are also appearances in the movie by Shaq, Kevin Nealon, Joel McHale, Terry Crews, and More!

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