Organizing Your Vegetable Garden

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vegetable garden 2

I have a small home, with little room for storage and 3 people sharing the space. We have to be really creative about storage and organization or else our tiny cottage can easily look disheveled and cluttered, especially with a toddler and his robots afoot to terrorize each room.

I was recently asked to become a P-Touch Ambassador and use the Brother P-Touch PTD 200 Label Maker in my home to help me organize this spring. Of course I jumped on the opportunity because this is exactly what I am constantly doing every day – trying to find new ways to get and stay organized within such a small space. And while my initial thoughts were to label and organize storage in hopes of creating a more tidy living space, I’ve actually come up with quite a few more ideas that my new best friend will come in handy around here.

Spring has sprung and with all my travel I’m really behind on getting the garden and front of our house planted. Our yard is just as small as our home, so I have to be creative with space outside as well. I love having flowers and fresh vegetables and herbs, but can not afford to lose any valuable yard space otherwise Whistler would have no room to run around and play. As such, I’ve developed lots of vertical gardening solutions.

While having an organized inside, its really the outside of my home that motivates me to jump into action more. After all, everyone and their dogs can see the outside of my home. And coming home yesterday, after being gone for 8 days, to this:

vegetable garden

and remembering that it used to look like this:

vegetable garden 1

well, it made me just plain sad. So getting the outside of my home organized and pretty once again has jumped into first place on my to do list. And as you can probably guess, this year I’m planning on labeling the containers so that I will actually know what is sprouting where!

Brother PTouch

I’ve already started playing with the Brother P-Touch labeler and it is so easy to use. More than just letters on a label, it can produce 8 fonts, over 600 symbols, 95 frames and some really cute patterns. The display allows you to see how the label will look before you print it out on the laminated TZe Tape, which I’m hoping will be great for outdoor durability. And once I get organized with my gardening, I’m sure I’ll find a ton more uses for the labeler on the inside of my home so stay tuned to see what I come up with!

Visit the Brother P-Touch Facebook Page to see how my fellow Ambassadors are getting organized this spring!

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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