Packing for a Tropical Vacation? Don’t Forget These Important Items

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Packing for a tropical vacation is like packing for any other destination with a few exceptions. Of course, you wouldn’t pack for a tropical vacation the same way you would pack for, say, a trip to Alaska. You know that it’s going to be sunny and hot, so keep that in mind as you pack. Luckily, this blog has just what you need to pack for some great fun in the sun and a night on the town as well.

woman lying on coconut tree trunk at beach tropical vacation

Always Pack the Right Shoes

Any woman will tell you that the shoes you carry with you can make or break your tropical vacation. Not only do you need beach sandals for you, your partner and your children, you also need sneakers for when you’re not on the beach and dress shoes for when you’re out on the town. Don’t forget to pack those high heels for the nights when you feel like dancing the night away at the local clubs.


Whether it’s a one piece or a bikini, comfortable swimwear that moves when you do and stays in place at the same time is a must-have. It’s best to pack at least two swimsuits for each member of your family so that you can let one dry while wearing the other. Don’t forget the coverups, so that you can avoid being burnt like a lobster during your vacation as well.


Speaking of being burnt like a lobster, the last thing you want is to spend your vacation cooped up inside because you failed to pack sunscreen. The accessories you take with you on your tropical vacation are just as important as the clothes you bring. Some of those accessories are listed below.

  • Sunscreen with a high SPF
  • Sunshades
  • Brimmed hats
  • Aloe vera, just in case you get burned

Necessary Documentation/Medications

The last thing you want is to get to your tropical destination only to find that you didn’t pack all of the papers you need to get through the week or that you left that medicine you absolutely must have at home. The best thing to do is get a carry all and pack all necessary papers such as passports, IDs and other essentials inside of it. Then, place all of your medicines in the carryall as well. This way you will have everything you need, all in one place and won’t forget anything that could ruin your vacation if it got left at home.  

Time for an Upgrade

If you’re like most vacationers, the thought of staying in a tiny hotel room, even though you won’t be there much, is one of the only things you hate about vacation. Luckily, there are many, many options out there for upgrading to something much better. Instead of booking a hotel, maybe you should consider upgrading to a vacation home in your tropical paradise. Just a thought.

Going on a tropical vacation should be fun and stress-free. Keep it that way by following the tips above and packing everything you need ahead of time.