PEQ is making homes smarter

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In the last two years, I’ve been through 50 airports as I traveled hundreds of thousands of miles both near and far from home. Because I travel so often, it can be challenging to keep up at home but it’s technology like PEQ (pronounced ‘peek’) that can provide total peace of mind.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 8.14.36 PMPEQ is a smart home service that allows everyone from the frequent flier to the working parent, a simple and flexible way to view, control and receive alerts from their home, anywhere. Unlike most smart home services, PEQ is not a thing, it’s an expandable system. The best part of PEQ is how truly customizable it is. It’s a set of devices that work together to give you customized mobile access to monitor and control just about everything in your home – from doors and lamps, to thermostats and coffeepots.

Each of these devices are a breeze to install, no handyman (or husband) necessary. Once installed, they can be monitored and operated from just one app – available on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. One of the great things about PEQ is that you get to be in control of how and when you’re notified. I obviously don’t need notifications when I know Ben is home holding down the fort, so I love that I have the ability to create as many rules as I want, to cover a variety of circumstances. 

whatisYou’ll be able to know when doors and windows open or close and even use live video to see who is coming and going with devices like:

  • Door & Window Sensor
  • Lamp Module
  • Motion Sensor
  • Water Sensor
  • Smart Thermostat

Just imagine all the possibilities! It’s a great way to check in on the kids, or naughty pets or know when the neighbor has stopped by to water the plants (along with what else they may be doing while there!). We notoriously forget to turn down the thermostat when we go on vacation and this system would make that waste of energy (and money!) and non issue. On the flip side, we can also make sure the house is already nice and toasty on the day we get home by turning the heat back on remotely. Concerned about home security over a long vacation? Give would-be burglars the impression that someone is home by having a lamp turn off and on during the right times of the day. The possibilities truly are endless.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 8.14.53 PMThe subscription fee is nominal for the provided peace of mind. For $9.99 a month, you can connect an unlimited number of devices, live stream video feed, obtain extensive storage of videos and pictures, and even receive live tech support seven days a week. 

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  1. We have something like that, but it’s a thing….not expandable. ;) I think it sounds great, I like that this area keeps improving.


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