Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Your Next Family Vacation

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Letting your kids document your vacation through photo and video is one of the coolest travel parenting ideas I’ve seen floating around the internet lately. My five year old is taking after her mom’s interest in photography and can often be found “staging” dolls, food photo shoots and commanding the family dog to sit still while she snaps a photo with her iPad. I would love to see our family vacation from her eyes. Not only do kids offer a unique perspective given their shorter point of view, but I bet it would be interesting to see what things capture her attention as we go about our next family vacation. So I created a couple of photo scavenger hunts, one for our next camping trip and one that could apply to almost anywhere we go. Photo Scavenger Hunt 1
Photo Scavenger Hunt

You can easily create your own scavenger hunts like I did. A few tips for creating yours:

  • Consider coming up with the list together, it’s a great way to find out what they’re looking forward to seeing.
  • Leave a blank space for them to fill in if they see something particularly inspiring.
  • Try not to be too specific with the entire list, give them room to surprise you.
  • Make it unique to your destination. What do you know you might be seeing or doing?
  • Keep it short. 10-15 items is plenty to inspire the kids without making it seem like a chore.
  • Give bonus points for verified Bigfoot photos!


Arm them with their list and a handy point-and-shoot camera then turn them loose. When you get home it would be unique to create a scrapbook filled with the photos they marked off their scavenger list. 

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16 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Your Next Family Vacation”

  1. My kid love going on little hunts for special things. I definitely agree that keeping list short and sweet is needed, especially with younger kids. Too many items and they might get bored along the way so these lists are just perfect.

  2. My boys would absolutely love this. They already love scavenger hunts, add a camera to it and even more fun will be had! What a creative idea.

  3. What an excellent idea – Love scavenger hunts for and with kids and then you’re using creativity and even putting together with each other

  4. I LOVE the idea of it being from their perspective! They find different things amusing, pretty or picture worthy. I love that she’s watching you and taking photography so seriously it’s adorable!


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