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14 Must Know Travel Photography Tips

If there is one thing all travelers can agree on, it’s that we all seek authenticity. We want to experience authentic cultures, experience authentic moments and share authentic travel stories. Some might say that their travel photography offers the most … Read more

Alaska Photography Tips

The Ultimate Alaska Packing List for Photographers

Whether you want to capture the majestic ridge lines of Denali National Park or shoot the annual salmon migration, capturing that epic Alaskan shot requires patience, grit, and most importantly, the right gear. A land of incomparable beauty and infinite wilderness, … Read more

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Brilliant iPhone Photography Tips from a Pro

Want to take your cell phone photography to the next level? Check out these useful iPhone photography tips, camera apps and editing software from a pro. Learn how to salvage pictures taken in poor conditions and make good pictures even … Read more

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I’m an Alamo Rent A Car Chief Travel Guide!

Travel and photography – two words that always seem to go hand in hand, like two peas in a pod. Some shutterbugs can manage to snap hundreds of photos a day, while others pick and choose – attempting to capture … Read more

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5 Features We Love on The Canon T5i

In the world of DSLR’s there are few names photographers know and trust, Canon is one of those names. The story of Canon begins all the way back in the early 1930s. Interestingly, the name Canon means “standard of judgement,” … Read more

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Tips For Transforming Your Mobile Photography

  I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it. ~ Rosalia de Castro #travel #ttot #beach #photography #photooftheday #jamaica A photo posted by Jeana ( … Read more

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Food Styling Tips from Chris Oliver

I always assumed the food in TV and movies were… inedible.  That those dishes had to be plastic food props that were painted really really well. Wrong! I recently spent the day in Food Stylist Chris Oliver’s kitchen learning tips … Read more

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Our Wedding Photos are SOOOOO Boring…

…are definitely not words that you will ever hear come out of my mouth. For as much heartache (and toe ache) that we went through the weeks, days and even minutes before – we took all that negative energy and … Read more