Planning a Weekend Getaway In Southern California

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If you are looking for something exciting to do this weekend, why not plan a weekend getaway to Southern California. With warm rays of sunshine most of the year, a host of famous beaches, international cuisine and many activities it’s a destination sure to provide endless fun and adventure.

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Packing for the Trip

Going on vacation, even a mini one, gives you the opportunity to purchase cute trendy clothes. The key is finding clothing items that perfectly fit your body and are suitable for the weather. For example, for a trip to Southern California, you can find women’s plus size summer clothes online at Perfectly Priscilla. In addition to your attire, you’ll also want to pack up essentials like your grooming supplies and makeup, as well as a variety of shoes and accessories. It’s also important to bring sunscreen to avoid burning while enjoying time outdoors.


Are you someone who likes to plan your trip by doing a bit of research ahead of time? Creating an itinerary will allow you to make the most of your time away. In Southern California, there’s so much to do that narrowing the playing field may require some thought. A few ideas include visiting the safari park or signing up for one of the food tours in San Diego.

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On the Fly

If you prefer to wing it, Southern California has over 200 miles of beaches, many of which attract tourists from around the world. You can spend a few hours relaxing on the beach sunbathing or rent a paddle boat, a kayak, and water skis or go snorkeling. If you are more of a land lover, fear not, there are plenty of activities including roller skating, tennis, volleyball, and bike riding to keep you busy.


Noted for its diverse population, Southern California gives you the opportunity to experience real home-cooked meals such as Italian, Chinese, French and Mexican cuisine. If you want to eat on the fly versus having a traditional sit-down dinner in a restaurant, there are sea shacks and taco trucks galore. When it comes to dessert, Southern California is the place to be. Here you can find traditional desserts like a donut bar, chocolate soufflés, key lime pie or home-made rocky-road ice cream or you can try something new like flan, Budino tarts or a Malva pudding cake.

Places to See

In Southern California there are many things to do that will fill more than just a weekend. If you are thrill seekers, there’s Universal Studios and Disneyland. If, on the other hand, you love nature, there are national parks where you can take a hike, experience rock climbing or just pack a basket and embrace the natural surroundings. Southern California also has a variety of museums and Hollywood where you can tour the studios, take a walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and learn a few interesting facts about famous celebrities.

Night Life

Southern California has no shortage of things to do after dark. The very well known Sunset Strip is an attraction that people flock to. It contains comedy clubs, restaurants, and dance clubs. There are also brewpubs, rock and roll venues, folk music and coffee shops that are open 24 hours.

Planning a weekend getaway to Southern California promises to provide you with something to do around every corner. The only downside is that a weekend may not give you enough time to cram in everything you want to see and experience. The good news is that you can plan another trip next year.