New Interactive PLAY-DOH Books Inspire Creativity

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Combining the classic creativity of PLAY-DOH with story time, a new book series by Silver Dolphin Books has become the new favorite weekend activity here at our house. (never mind the I-Just-Wrestled-my-Kitty Battle Scars)

play-doh jungle book 1The new PLAY-DOH Hands On Learning Series gets young readers to bring their words to life. Each of theses sturdy 10 page stories also come with five tutorials and four cans of PLAY-DOH so readers can try to recreate the colorful illustrations, add elements to the scene or continue the story using their own imaginations.  There are two fun titles in the series:

  • PLAYDOH Hands On Learning: In The Jungle is the story of a little lion who makes five new friends as explores the jungle. There is a a cheeky monkey, a happy hippo, a friendly frog, a sneaky snake, and a spotted giraffe. 
  • PLAYDOH Hands On Learning: Under the Sea explores the deep wonders of the ocean with a cute little octopus, a super sea star, a clownish clown fish, a fancy sea horse, and a not-so-scary shark. Young readers also learn facts about sea and its inhabitants along the way. 

play-doh jungle bookThe PLAY-DOH Sound Series encourages readers to stretch their vocal chords and sing classic song with PLAY-DOH: Old MacDonald Had a Farm and PLAY-DOH: The Wheels on the Bus. Kids can press the button on the musical books and follow along with illustrations. 

play-doh jungle bookLast but not least the PLAY-DOH Story Fun Series allows young readers to explore the world around them. There will be trips through the Jungle, a walk through a Farm meeting new friends and take a visit to a Truck yard. Similar to the Learning Series, each of these 12-page board books come with a can of PLAY-DOH compound!  

Thank you to Silver Dolphin Books for providing the above mentioned products. All opinions remain my own.

5 thoughts on “New Interactive PLAY-DOH Books Inspire Creativity”

  1. These seem like a lot of fun not only for the kids but for the adults helping the kids. My nephew and niece would so love these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are adorable, I loved having playdoh in my classroom when I taught K-1 back in the day. The texture makes for great fine and gross motor development!


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