Sheshco Mediterranean Grill Offers Delicious Cuisine

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Sheshco LogoGrand Rapids is one of Michigan’s most vibrant and rich cities. It’s cultural events, world-renown art, museums and historical sites  give the city a special place in my heart. Every year we attend both the Art Festival and Comedy Festival. As a family we love to sneak down for the zoo, ball games and a night out on the town. It’s shopping and restaurants are amazing too. I have yet to taste half of what the city has to offer but nothing has dissapointed yet.  

So when my girlfriend was in town from Tennessee, we made plans to meet up in Grand Rapids for lunch. We were looking for something new, on the healthy side and that was an easy drive from the highway. By stroke of luck she found Sheshco Mediterranean Grill.

Whenever I’m eating out at a restaurant I always check to see if Restaurant.Com offers a great deal. A quick use of the app showed that I could get a $5 gift certificate for just $2. Personally, I like that the app offers more than just deals. It includes links to their website, a $ rating for price, and users can leave reviews. Having never been to an authentic Mediterranean Restaurant it was great to know it was so well recieved with 4.5/5 stars after 134 reviews. Plus, I got to peruse the menu at length before we met up so I had a good idea of what I would or wouldn’t like.

Fun Fact: A European study on the Mediterranean diet provides new evidence that these foods can help us live longer. Actually, in recent years, Mediterranean diet has been hailed as a way to prevent illness and promote overall good health, leading many scientists to conclude that the Middle Eastern & Mediterranean diet can benefit people across the globe.  

We mulled over the menu while snacking on complimentary bread and cheese before I ultimately ordered the Hommous with Ghallaba, which also came with a salad. It’s a delicious Hommous topped with chicken (or lamb) and vegetables next to a bed of rice and pine nuts. This dish was nothing short of perfect. The temperatures of the food worked perfectly, the flavors and textures were well balanced. I could put a little of everything on my spoon for an incredible burst of flavor but the flavors were also strong enough to eat each on their own as well.  The food, the atmosphere and the company were perfect! I cant wait to meet her there again soon.   

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