Design Your Own Racetracks With PlayTape

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I spend most of my days picking up toy cars. They end up in laundry baskets, between couch cushions, inside my shoes…I could go on forever.

My three year old seems to think that the whole world is his racetrack. To curtail some of that racing enthusiasm, I use PlayTape from InRoad Toys to create designated racetracks and keep those cars where they belong, kind of.

playtape for toy cars 3

This removable tape can be used to create a vast array of roads and play areas just about anywhere that will keep kids busy for hours. Since I live in northern Michigan, where winter seems to last forever, I need to find things that my kids won’t get bored with, and the PlayTape has been a miracle this winter.

It sticks to any flat surface and can be easily re-positioned so there are no mistakes or bubbles. When it is time to take it off, the tape can be removed without leaving behind pesky residue.

My three year old can use the tape to make tracks all on his own without needing my help – no scissors required. It is durable but easy enough to tear off the ends without needing to be cut. It is also a great idea to take on playdates. It is one of the few products I always share with other moms. The tape is also a great idea to use for projects or even as decoration. 

playtape for toy cars

We have used the rolls of tape to decorate a variety of surfaces in our house from play tables to walls, and even the carpet! We have PlayTape race tracks all over the house to keep my son busy in just about every room. He loves to create towns centered around these PlayTape roads, and he will spend hours creating whole cities with buildings, trees and busy sidewalks.

It is a great way to inspire creativity and encourage kids to play without screens. To be honest, it only seems harder to get kids to play without involving some kind of screen so anything that can keep my son occupied gets an A+ in my book.     

playtape for toy cars

PlayTape comes in a variety of fun colors including black, red, orange, blue, and purple. All colors are available in 30’ long by 2” wide, and the black PlayTape is also available in 30’ long by 4” wide and 60’ long by 2” wide. There are also rounded corners available to make a variety of twists and turns in the tracks.

PlayTape is 100% made in the U.S. and completely toxin free which should make any mom feel good about purchasing it for their kids. If you are looking for something to keep little hands busy, PlayTape will provide plenty of fun and imagination. 


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