Meeting the Cast of the Private Lives of Nashville Wives

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Private Lives of Nashville Wives

TNT is bringing a country twist to its stellar drama lineup this Monday with the launch of Private Lives of Nashville Wives, a new unscripted series set in and around the capital of the high-stakes country music business. The series will follow a group of accomplished, opinionated and driven women as they deal with professional challenges, family issues and social relationships.

Reality shows are a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s fun to see regular people in unique situations, whether it’s watching someone eat bugs on a deserted island, rooting for a young singer whose dream is to be a recording star or viewing chefs compete against each other for a top prize. As we all know, not all reality shows are the same. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with three of the Private Lives of Nashville Wives cast members at the Blo Blow Dry Bar in Beverly Hills to find out what made them want to join the cast and also discuss what sets them apart from other “housewives” reality shows.

Ana Fernandez (twin sister to Betty Malo) is a single mother of two. She would love to find her perfect man, but her highly extroverted personality sometimes works against her.

Betty Malo is married to Mavericks lead singer and songwriter Raul Malo and hopes to be a calming influence on her twin sister Ana, with whom she has a sometimes explosive, yet loving relationship.

Jenny Terrell is an independent-minded woman and vice president at a leading Internet company. She is married to JT Terrell, one of Nashville’s top event and party producers.

BloDryBar_NashvilleWivesTrio[Left to Right: Betty Malo, Ana Fernandez and Jenny Terrell]

Question: What made you decide to join this reality show?

Jenny Terrell: I took this opportunity to show people a different kind of woman, one who didn’t make it in this world because she married rich. I have all of the same challenges that working moms have out there, trying to be a good mother to my son, be a support to my husband & balance my career. I hope that it resonates with the audience.

Question: What sets your TV show apart from other housewives shows?

Ana: We are all working women, most of us are working mothers. Three of them are married to artists and you’ll see the behind the scenes and all the work that it takes. You’ll see us working in our businesses and we work really hard. The city of Nashville is unique, where you could be a doctor by day and a drummer by night. People are very authentic in this city. You can relate to our show.

Question: What was it like filming with your sister?

Ana: We have our good days and our bad days. But that’s just normal in our life. She’s my rock. Together we are a force of nature.

Question: Will we see a lot of your relationship with your husband who is a musician?

Betty: He was on the road a lot during the show. You’ll see how I make it through those hard times, when someone is gone all of the time.

Question: What was it like filming with your twin sister Ana?

Betty: It was incredible, it brought us super close together. The fighting between us is comical.

Thank you Blo USA for my amazing blow out! Images courtesy of TNT. I attended a media event for this film. All opinions are 100% my own.

I found all three ladies to be vivacious, funny and very stylish. Speaking of style, Blo Blow Dry Bar is offering an exclusive hair menu based on the cast of The Private Lives of Nashville Wives. I loved my “Jenny” curls and I can’t wait to tune in on Monday night to see what the rest of the cast is like!

NashWives and Me

Private Lives of Nashville Wives is set to premiere Monday, February 24 at 10pm (ET/PT) on TNT.

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Thank you Blo USA for my amazing blow out! Images courtesy of TNT. I attended a media event for this film. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I wondered how this show was different. I don’t watch real housewives. But this looks like a show I would watch. Off to set my dvr.


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