The Royal Cup Cafe

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It’s the first week of summer. What to do? What to do? Pull my hair out? Let them watch tv all day? Let’s get out of the house kiddos! I wanted to try a new restaurant before heading to the park. It had to be family friendly yet still cozy. I had been to the Royal Cup Café in Long Beach a few years ago but didn’t have kids at the time. I really liked it but then life got in the way of returning. I decided to remedy that oversight and return with my girls and my girlfriend and her boys for some much needed fun.

The menu is quite extensive so it took a while to get through it. It was past breakfast so we skipped past that section (although I might return another time to try it out). There were salads and Panini’s, all fruit smoothies, coffee and tea. Most of the kiddos ordered grilled cheese Panini’s. The sandwich had 4 kinds of cheese – American, provolone, Swiss and goat cheese but we skipped the tomato and basil this round. We also tried the tuna -avocado, oven-roasted turkey club and the smoked turkey avocado. All three were super tasty – nice soft but crunchy bread, good amount of fresh fillings and all sandwiches were served with perfect Kettle chips.  Smoothies fantastic and passion fruit drink ice tea refreshing. We loved that the tea and water were served in glass jars.

RoyalCupCafe2_cielorothFood and drinks aside, we loved that were seated around a coffee table and couches for our meal. There were several dining areas including traditional tables and chairs, lounge chairs, love seats and sofas. It felt comfortable with unique art pieces covered the walls and filled niches.  The atmosphere was lovely, rustic and friendly.

Customer service was excellent, everyone was very friendly and helpful. I found the restaurant to be a little pricey for a family outing since there is no kids menu, so we ended up ordering adult meals for them. The only negative for me was that parking is a little hard to find as there is only street parking. 


*TIP* Royal Cup Café also has a cool rewards card where you get free food and drinks after purchasing a certain number. I certainly filled my new card today.  I will return but I think maybe when I’m getting some “me” time in with a coffee or tea in hand and a good book. Is summer over yet?

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  1. It looks really lovely there and the food look amazing. I love restaurants that not only look great but has great food too.

  2. The Royral Cup Cafe looks like a great little place to go! I definitely have to say that not having a kid’s menu would be a big downside for me. Of course, whatever my daughter wouldn’t eat, we could bring home for later.


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