The Safe Haven Soundtrack Sets the Scene for Romance

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The chemistry between Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel in Safe Haven is electrifying. While I’m not at liberty to share any more of my thoughts on the movie until Thursday (don’t forget to stop back and read my review), I can talk about the soundtrack. There are very few movies where I find myself enjoying the music as much as the movie, but the “Safe Haven” soundtrack really sets the scene for romance and drama.

“We Both Know” the title track from the movie, is written and performed by Colbie Caillat and Gavin Degraw. The singers are truly amazing together, with an onstage chemistry that’s rare. You can see some sparks fly between the two in the music video as they enact scenes from the film. Caillat was on tour with Degraw this summer when she was asked to write a song for the feature film. It’s the first time Caillat has written and performed for a soundtrack.

Safe Haven's Soundtrack Sets the Scene for Romance

The artists were only given a brief idea of what the movie was about, so they tapped into their personal experiences from previous relationships. The result, “We Both Know”, is a powerful ballad about Alex and Katie and their struggles with loss, and determination to overcome all obstacles to be together.

In a recent interview with, Degraw described why he and Caillat work so well together.

“I think we have a real Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers thing going on for this generation. We have a really special chemistry and you can really hear it on this song.”

I never would thought of comparing them to Kenny and Dolly, more likely Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, but either way their duets are magical.

Safe Haven's Soundtrack Sets the Scene for Romance
Photo Credit Colbie Caillat Facebook

The acoustic songs, make you feel as if you’re sitting outside on the porch listening to friends play their guitars and sing. Folk singer Brandi Carlisle’s “Heart’s Content” sounds like something you’d hear performed live in a bar by a local band. Another song that really stood out for me was “Say Anything” by Tristan Prettyman. I wasn’t familiar with her or her music, but Prettyman was engaged to Jason Mraz. Now I’ve listened to a few of her other songs, and I’m loving her sound.

The entire soundtrack does a fantastic job as it captures the essence of the small coastal town, the love story and the ups and downs of the relationship between Katie and Alex. Deborah Lurie, composed the score and also worked on “Dear John” with Nicholas Sparks.

[youtube]From Relativity Music Group and Republic Records, the Safe Haven soundtrack also features music from Tristan Prettyman, Ben Howard, Dar Williams, The White Buffalo, Gareth Dunlop, Sara Haze, Amos Lee, Brandi Carlile, The Deep Dark Woods and Deborah Lurie. The “Safe Haven” soundtrack is available on iTunes and Amazon. “Safe Haven” opens in theaters everywhere on Valentine’s Day.

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