Wouldn’t it be awesome if your refrigerator could…

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Yesterday’s home of the future is today’s smart home. Thanks to advances in technology, what once seemed unreachable, or only available to the rich, are now found in homes across America: super thin flat screen TVs and systems allowing you to operate your home from afar, are just a couple examples. So it got me thinking, what more could we dream up for tomorrow’s smart home? Inspired by the Samsung Showcase Refrigerator I recently received, I specifically asked myself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if my refrigerator could…”

  1. Put away the leftovers.
  2. Alert me to “Science Experiments” lurking in it’s inner nether regions.  
    My husband regularly jokes that I try to grow science experiments in the fridge. Really, I just put leftovers away in tupperware and forget about them for days…or weeks at a time.
  3. Give me a recipe based on the ingredients already stocked in the fridge. 
    Too often I stare blankly into the abyss waiting for a recipe to magically come to me given the ingredients on hand.
  4. Create a grocery list based on products I regularly keep in the fridge. 
  5. Hides the wine. Well maybe, not. I’m undecided on this one.
  6. Ok, yes, actually hides the wine, soda, and the last piece of chocolate. At least from my husband, which leads us to face recognition.
  7. A hidden drawer for the last minute company is company over, I need to hide the dirty dishes and the oven is already full. Wait, what? Pretend you didn’t read that. 
  8. Wouldn’t it be great if your fridge had a fountain soda dispenser instead of a water spout? or how about soft serve ice cream….drrroooolllll…..
  9. Packs the kids lunches for school the next day. 
  10. Automatically orders needed groceries from #4 from an online delivery service.

Ok, so maybe some of these could never happen but I have a feeling that a few of them like 4, 5 (fingers crossed) and 10 aren’t too far off into the feature. Especially with innovative products like the Samsung Showcase Refrigerator.

This fridge of the not-so-future is designed to improve the way you store food through an innovated two-door system. The exterior showcase door gives you instant access to the items you love, while the InnerCase let’s you store larger food items, along with the mountains of Kimchi I always end up inheriting every time Mom and Dad come over.

My favorite innovative features of this refrigerator include: 

  • Dual doors for a more organized and easily accessible refrigerator. Who doesn’t need help with organization?
  • Stainless steel paneling along the doors allow for metal cooling to help maintain consistent temperature, especially helpful for us lookie-loos.
  • Door alarm alerts let you know when the refrigerator doors have been left open, something the kids are notorious for. Ok, and maybe me to.
  • A twin cooling system including power freeze and power cool options. Great for entertaining and you need to chill those adult beverages at lightning speed.

Samsung showcase refrigerator 1

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9 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be awesome if your refrigerator could…”

  1. Oh I wish my fridge could do all of those especially the one about the science experiments. I love all of the drawers on that one.

  2. I actually just got a Samsung as well. I have the French door with a bottom drawer. Never thought I’d like that configuration after years with a side by side, but I do!


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