Masked Crusader Batkid Saves San Francisco

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Batkid Gotham City Chronicle

What did you want to be when you grew up? A figure skater? Firefighter? Veterinarian? How about Batman? What kid (and let’s face it, most adults) wouldn’t want to be a superhero? For 5 year old leukemia survivor Miles Scott, being Batman is his ultimate goal, and now he is known internationally as Batkid. Thanks to Make-A-Wish Foundation and thousands of San Francisco locals, Batkid has been fighting crime and making “Gotham” safe.

Batkid on the move (Source)
Batkid on the move (Source)

His day started out with rescuing a damsel in distress tied up over the cable car tracks. Also tied to the damsel was a potentially dangerous bomb, stamped with the Riddler’s marks all over. Batkid made his way to a bank to stop the Riddler mid-robbery, and the Gotham City Police hauled him into jail. While Batkid stopped for lunch, the crime continued with the Riddler’s partner Penguin. Evil Penguin kidnapped beloved San Francisco mascot Lou Seal, and tied him up at AT&T Park. Luckily, Batkid was able to race over in his Batmobile to save Lou and again assist the Gotham City Police in apprehending the suspect. After a day of crime fighting, Batkid in all his glory was presented with a key to the city in thanks for keeping Gotham safe.

Rachel Ray, Guy Fieri, and Chef Jack (Source)

Miles fought for his life before being granted the wish to fight crime. Childhood leukemia can affect as many as 1 in 10,000 kids; most of whom are 2 years old or younger. Leukemia is also one of the most prevalent cancers that appear in children. Thankfully, Miles and many other children survive their leukemia and become determined to live their lives to the fullest. Batkid saved Gotham, while 13 year old and three time leukemia survivor Jack Witherspoon has become a chef and starred on programs with Rachel Ray, as well as a published cookbook author.

Alese Coco
Alese’s sister Shallyn and Alese (Source)

I became passionate about the fight against leukemia and lymphoma when my dear friend Alese Coco was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at 17 years old. As a typical California girl, Alese had a wish come true with a shopping spree and day of pampering. After three battles with cancer, Alese passed away when she was 23 years old. While both leukemia and lymphoma are two highly survivable cancers, not everyone does. Since her passing, it’s become important to everyone who knew her to tell her story in an effort to educate and increase awareness. Batkid may not realize it, but he has defeated the villians and increased massive awareness to childhood cancer around the world.

Batkid’s journey was made possible by Make A Wish, and his day can be viewed in full here. For more information about leukemia and lymphoma or to donate towards research, please visit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or Fight2Win.

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  1. I saw this on the news tonight and thought it was so great. The Make A Wish foundation does such wonderful things for children who have these horrible diseases.


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