How Did Your Skin Change After Pregnancy?

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That last month of pregnancy is far from glamorous. I was retaining water at a disturbing rate, I peed when I laughed, I was blotchy, sweaty, and always so hot. My hormones were going crazy and there was not a single person willing to follow me around presenting the airbrushed version of me to everyone. But my biggest mistake was thinking that like the giant belly, these pregnancy symptoms would disappear with the birth of my daughter. Boy was I wrong!

On the plus side, most of it – the water weight, the night sweats, and blotchy areas – eventually disappeared. Unfortunately, my skin never completely recovered. My once even complexion was no long even. My moderately sensitive skin became more sensitive than ever. And somehow it became combination oily and dry! Even my hair had changed. 

After a lot of research and some trial and error, I was able to find a skin care routine that worked for me. It involved a lot of oil-free hydration and light, skin-friendly makeup. My routine now looks like this: 

AM Routine:

  • Wash with warm water.
  • Neutrogena SPF Oil-Free Moisturizer
  • A light, liquid foundation.
  • Makeup

PM Routine: 

  • Facewash
  • Oil-Free Moisturizing Cream 

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5 thoughts on “How Did Your Skin Change After Pregnancy?”

  1. Believe it or not, my skin never changed. I had 5 kids and my skin is always the same. I usually only use soap & water though and moisturize with coconut oil. I’m not big on much make up so maybe that helps? I’ll have to tell my teen girls about this Neutrogina though. Maybe they’d like to try this.

  2. yes, after 5 kids my skin is like a teenager and when I am pregnant my skin is super soft like a baby – hormones!

  3. Great tips! I was expecting the acne with pregnancy that everyone talked about. I never got that but my skin looked dull. This would have been perfect.

  4. Gosh, that was so long ago, but I do remember my face got better after pregnancy. Pimples during and then gone. I’ll have to try the face wash.


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