Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference in Interior Design

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Lots of homeowners dream of making their homes look just like the images they see in interior design magazines and on home improvement shows. Yet, they never bring those dreams to fruition. This is often because of the misconception that updating the look of your house will cost you thousands of dollars. So, they continue to make do with what they have for years. 

clean modern dining and livingroom

It’s true that some interior design projects can set homeowners back thousands of dollars, but not in all cases. In fact, with a few small changes, you can make a big difference in how your home looks and feels. Here are some of the easier and less costly design tips listed below: 

Wall Colors

Colors evoke emotion and set the tone of your living space. If you’re looking for a small change with a big impact, you should change your wall colors.

Going from a basic white to a cool gray, calming blue, or vibrant yellow can make a big difference in any room in your home.

desk area in bedroom

If you don’t have the funds in the budget to change all of your furniture and decor, be sure to use a wall color that already matches the things you have.

You can add even more style and creativity to your home by going with textured paint or wallpaper.


How many times have you walked into a room that had a full-wall mirror and thought the room was twice as big? Mirrors, large or small, have that effect on space in your house, especially your bedroom.

Allowing mirrors to work with patterned area rugs, hardwood floors, or even a tile surface can really bring length to your room.


When you are trying on new shoes or ponte pants with pockets you can enjoy your bedroom twice as much with statement mirrors.


Lighting is everything in interior design. The right amount of light in a room can make it look more spacious and inviting. Also, lights placed in the right spots can help to highlight some of the best features in a room. You can easily make changes to the lighting throughout your house to improve the look in your home. 

Start with natural light. Wherever you have windows, use this light to your advantage by replacing any heavy curtains or dark drapes with lighter colors and lightweight window treatments. You can also include blinds or shades to allow more natural light in during the day. 

natural dining table setup

Another option is to install new light fixtures. You can use a recessed light conversion kit to install ceiling fans in your living room and dining room or pendant lights in the kitchen. 

Last, but not least you can purchase both table and standing lamps that match the decor in various rooms. 

Clean and Declutter Space

When you see beautifully designed spaces on television, in magazines, or online, one thing they all have in common is they’re free from clutter and clean.

When you have too many items in a room, it makes the space look unclean, cramped, and uncomfortable. Completing a thorough cleaning of your home can make a huge difference.

blue pool decor

Get rid of things you don’t use or need anymore. Then, wash walls, mop floors, and clean all surfaces.

Lastly, rearrange the furniture in the room so that each room is functional yet organized. 

Area Rugs

Area rugs are another way you can add to the aesthetic appeal to your home. They come in various sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes. Area rugs help to tie your home decor together.

fireplace livingroom area rug

The right selection can take a basic room and add some life to it. If the furniture in a particular room has a lot of patterns on it, it would be best to go with a simple single-colored area rug to break things up.

Try putting an area rug in the center of your living room furniture, underneath a dining room table, and even in long hallways (these are called runners which are smaller rugs for long narrow spaces).

Artwork or Photos

As a finishing touch, artwork and photos can be incorporated into your home’s interior design. They help to tie in color schemes, add style, and give visitors a glimpse into who you are (and what you love).

Hang family pictures in nice frames on the walls in your living or family room. Incorporate scenic photos in places like your bathroom or bedroom. Artwork especially can look great in a dining room or office. 

art wall desk plant

Wanting your home to look nice doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Nor does it require a ton of renovations to complete.

When it comes to interior design it is often the little things that make the biggest statements. Incorporating these small elements listed above into your home’s decor can transform your space in ways you’d never imagined possible. 

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