Sofia Mulanovich is Changing Lives One Wave at a Time

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Photo Credit Swatch

Swatch and Sofia have formed The Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich. This project is meant to identify talented surfers in Peru from all different socio-economic backgrounds and give these children the chance to improve their skills and go after their dreams of becoming a pro athlete. The project began at the end of 2014 when Sofia and her staff began scouting for a group of kids ranging in age from 10-15 with promising talent. There were events at three different beaches in Peru with Sofia and her team spending countless hours watching over 70 kids as they took on the waves. From these surfers, only ten were chosen. 

Once the final kids were selected, Sofia offered them training at her specialized academy located in San Pedro. The academy offers much more to these kids than just surfing. It has given them the opportunity to be lifted from their surroundings and seen for their talents, dedication and passion. Sofia is providing these kids a chance to grow without the hindrance of poverty or other social or economic hurdles.  

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Sofia Mulanovich  –  Photo Credit Swatch

Along with training, these kids have also been given opportunities to travel to the far corners of the earth honing their surfing skills as well as their life skills. They are becoming well rounded young adults as they face new levels of obstacles and understand the hard work it takes to become a World Champion Surfer. There are 10 full time staff members and two part time assistants in the summer. On the staff, there are also coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and even a sports psychologist. The well thought out project has planned for every area of training and support, 

Environmental awareness also plays a roll in Sofia’s project. Keeping the oceans clean is pertinent not only to surfers, but the entire world, and this idea is stressed to each of the kids. Above all, Sofia is teaching these kids that being a “good person” is just as important as everything else. This incredible woman is providing a fountain of life experience to these kids and changing the landscape of their lives causing a ripple effect that will change Peru and potentially the world.  

                                                Visit  Swatch and The Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich for more information.

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  1. This is a great opportunity for kids who the sports. It’s so nice when people like her go out of her way to help aspiring surfers.

  2. It’s great to see projects like these, encouraging the kids to get involved in the sport and be aware of their enviroment, good job people!


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