Sweeten Your Next Party with Personalized M&M’s

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My son’s first birthday is fast approaching, and it is a bittersweet time for me. The innocent, helpless, little baby that I brought home has grown into a walking, talking kid! Already, he has opinions and preferences as well as a curious nature that keeps me on my toes. While I am sad to accept that a year has already passed, I am excited for all of the wonderful things to come with another new year.

For his first birthday, I want to make the occasion special and personal but still fun-loving and lighthearted just like him. I want something that people will remember and be able to take home to enjoy. It has taken me a while to find the perfect way to celebrate, but I have finally found it!

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My son is a rough and tumble kind of boy, and his favorite toy in the whole world is his dump truck. Happily, he will sit for hours driving it back and forth as he makes truck sounds. It only made sense to use his favorite toy to build his birthday around, and MyMMs.com Birthdays had the perfect accessory to make his party more colorful and exciting!

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After selecting colors that went with my theme, I uploaded a picture of my son and used it to decorate the M&M’s. I also chose birthday related images and text to print on these yummy treats.

There are over 20 My M&M’s colors to select to go along with your event. Pick clip art images, upload a photo, or write your own text to make spectacular candies that everyone will love. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, graduation, or any major event you are celebrating, you can design the perfect M&M. There are even gift options for your party guests or just that one special person in your life. From the fun to the adorable, there is something for every occasion in your life and a sweet surprise for every sweetie in your  life.

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I used the personalized M&M’s to create a special element on his first birthday cake. It gave his first cake the extra colorful, scrumptiousness I wanted, and the guests found it especially tasty.

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What kid doesn’t love to play with their food! To go along with the “Truck” theme, we created Hank’s M&M Mine for the kids to have some delicious and active play time. With just a little Styrofoam and lots of cereal, we created a gold mine of M&M’s for the kids to find. They used trucks to find and scoop up all of Hank’s birthday M&M’s. Then, they drove them up the ramp to the “hopper” where they dropped them down the ramp and collected them at the bottom.

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As a thank you, we gave guests a little something to remember the occasion. My M&M’s has single packages to hand out to your party goers full of your personalized M&M’s. It was the perfect present to thank our guests for celebrating such an important birthday with us.

Visit MyMMs.com to see all of the incredible options and the MyMMs.com Birthday Idea Gallery for even more DIY inspiration. Create personalized M&M’s for holidays, events, even for the office! You can create your own M&M’s that come with a business card holder! These delicious treats offer a fun and unique way to celebrate. It was just what I wanted to help commemorate the very first year of my son’s life, and I will definitely be using My M&M’s for future celebrations.    

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  1. Oh now these are absolutely amazing! I really love that they’ve started doing this. It feels so special to have your name on an M&M!


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