How We Almost Missed The First Day of School

1st Day of School

A few weeks before my daughter started school, just after we turned in her paperwork, we were notified that her vaccinations were incomplete. Somewhere along the way, blame it on being the first child, I had missed a set. We had just a few short weeks before school started and the next available doctors appointment was two months away. According to school officials, she wouldn’t be able to start without them. To be honest, it broke my heart a little. Don’t we all dream about that first day of school? The new backpack, the pictures, dropping them off at class and watching them meet new friends? I didn’t want either of us to miss that.

Fortunately, I ended up getting really lucky, and after some scrambling was able to squeeze in on a cancellation. But what frustrated me was the lack of options. Pediatricians in our area are always booked solid so I wish I had known that just 15 minutes away there was a Target Pharmacist. I was surprised to learn that filling prescriptions and offering vaccinations is just one of the many services they offer. 

7 Ways Target Pharmacies Make Your Life Easier

  1. Flip the Script 
    You can transfer to a Target Pharmacy in-store, online or from your phone. 
  2. Pharmacy Rewards 
    Target Pharmacy Rewards are SO simple – no points to count or track. After 5 prescription fills (vaccinations count too) you will receive 5% off a whole day of shopping (in-store and online).
  3. $4 Generics
    Brand-name equivalent prescriptions are available for less.
  4. Prevention/Vaccines
    No appointments required to get the shots you need. 
  5. ClearRx
    The bottles are easy to use and color coded. 
  6. PetRx
    Target Pharmacy stocks many pet prescriptions.
  7. Text Alerts
    Get a text as soon as your prescription is ready. 

My favorite feature has to be that Target Pharmacies offer moms one more way to multitask. Instead of waiting at the drive thru or in a lobby, I can use that time to pick up ingredients for dinner, class snack tomorrow or yet another pair of tights for dance class.

The Giveaway

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How to Enter to Win

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72 thoughts on “How We Almost Missed The First Day of School”

  1. our target is much less busier than walmart so this will be alot better to get medications with the 2 little ones.

  2. I like that I can get my shopping done while waiting for my meds to be filled.I like being the most effective I can with my time since I home school my 4 kids.We always seem to never have enough hours in the day lol.

  3. I don’t normally have many prescriptions to follow, but I like that I can do so at one of my favorite places to shop.

  4. I like some of the things that Target Pharmacy offers. I like the color coded bottles for different family members. That would save lives. It would keep you from taking the wrong meds. I like that you can get pet prescriptions filled there too. 

  5. Gosh I practically live at target but never realized they had a pharmacy! Glad she didn’t miss the first day of school!

  6. I’m looking forward to the $4 Generics, with the price of prescriptions nowadays, any help on medication would be a blessing.

  7. that’s a relieve that it’s only almost, you still made it. I did not know about this target pharmacy has this offer. i know walmart has flue shot. anyway, sound cool. Thanks for sharing this tips

  8. This is great. I forget that there are clinics that can vaccinate and it doesn’t have to be at the doctor’s office. Last year I stepped on a nail and of course it was on a sunday where the doctor’s office is closed and I was able to go into a pharmacy and get my tetenas shot since I hadn’t had one since I was a kid.

  9. I didn’t know we could do vaccinations at Target! I like my pediatrician, but she overcharges for vaccinations. This is perfect!

  10. I’m looking forward to getting a text alert when my prescription is ready for pick-up. What a time-saver!

  11. I never knew that about Target, the help they provide it’s wonderful. It’s good to know there’s some other place you can rely on when something like this happen. I’d hate to miss school too.

  12. I like that you can take the kids right over to the toy section and shop while you are waiting for your prescription. I also like that it means you don’t have to make a special trip to the drug store and stand in line waiting.

  13. I used to get prescriptions filled at Target. I did like the way they color coded the bottles, very helpful for families where more then one person takes a prescription.

  14. I’m glad to hear your daughter was able to go to school they first day of the year. You are right, it’s such an important date and gives so many memories.

  15. I have used them for quite some time. I love the ability to get it right in a store i frequent and they are always fast and friendly. I get my flu shot there too.

  16. Looking forward to the Text Alerts! I really don’t like showing up “in an hour” and standing around like a fool because my script isn’t filled yet. Text Alerts will definitely help that problem!


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