A New Year, A New Kia

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Can you hear it…? It is the soft ticking of the clock as it counts down the moments to Kia’s big reveal on January 8th. As Kia’s fastest accelerating car to date, this introduction will set the tone for the new year, and if you look at Kia’s track record, I would say this is about to be a record breaking year.

Kia sports car

Way back in 2006, Kia vowed to dedicate the development of their brand to a new focus on design in order to satisfy their customer base not only functionally but aesthetically.

This triggered a ripple effect that I don’t think even Kia could have predicted.

Since that proclamation in 2006, Kia has gained a sevenfold, 603% increase in brand value – with an impressive 12% increase in the last year. This speaks volumes about Kia as a whole, as well as each individual member that has helped make this car company what it is today. That kind of growth doesn’t happen by accident. They aren’t just doing something right; they are doing just about everything right.

Kia sports car

With the birth of a new year comes the challenge of continuing down the path of development with the same ferocious momentum. It would seem as if they are ramping up to create yet another amazing year, and Kia is starting with the pedal to the floor. The reveal of Kia’s latest creation, won’t arrive until January 8th, but until then, you can visit the Curve Ahead for sneak peaks of this limit-pushing new car.

This week, we get an actual glimpse at its muscled body, fluid lines, and sanctuary-esq interior in episode 4. It will leave you begging for more, and following the countdown to this jaw dropping introduction. Don’t believe me? We will let Kia’s awards speak for themselves and practice our “told you so” song.

The Curve Ahead will have a Live Webcast as the car makes its debut and offer a gallery of its amazing features. Follow Surf and Sunshine as we provide live coverage at the North American International Auto Show and hopefully have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Kia’s newest addition.

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