Honestly Raising A Toddler

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Sometimes it seems like kids’ products are purely a balance of artificial colors and flavorings, but shouldn’t we, as parents, be making sure they’re only getting the best we can give them? That’s the whole concept behind The Honest Company: great products that perform and are non-toxic. The Honest Company was created by actress Jessica Alba and children’s health advocate Christopher Gavigan, who wanted to create a line of basics that all parents need to raise their kids in a healthy environment. I recently started my Honest journey with Whistler, and here’s why.


It’s like pulling teeth getting Whistler to eat sometimes ALL the time. It’s not that he’s picky, he just doesn’t like to take the time to eat. There is just way too many other things that he would rather be doing. He’s too old to be fooled by the good ol’ airplane or train tricks, but he’s still small for his age and needs nutrition. After browsing The Honest Company website, I ordered the Baby & Toddler Multi Powder to amp up his diet with the vitamins and minerals he needs to grow up tall and strong. The powder comes with each serving pre-packaged in tubes like the ones you find for flavoring water, and it’s easy to mix it up into what I can get him to eat. What’s unique about this supplement is that it has probiotics like Lactobacillus acidophilus and a variety of organic fruits and vegetables blended in, such as beets, kale, lingonberries, ginger root, black currant, and parsley leaf (yes, technically my son eats beets!).


Honest uses a team of eight medical professionals including doctors, nurses, and a dietician to review their formula, so I feel confident that Whistler is getting the best blend of nutrients, and all the ones he needs. Supplementing babies and toddlers with iron can be a scary thing, but in our house, chowing down on spinach is an even scarier idea. The Baby & Toddler Multi Powder has a small but significant amount of iron to more than meet the recommended amount for toddlers under age 4, and provide about half the recommended amount for infants 6-12 months. Most of the vitamins and minerals are at beyond sufficient levels with the exception of calcium, which is why I prefer to mix the powder with yogurt.


Before snack time (and let’s be real, after, too), Whistler knows he needs to wash his hands. We tamed the beast of getting him to use the bathroom on his own, but stressing the importance of washing our hands is still something we talk about often. The Honest Company’s Foaming Hand Soap has helped us encourage hand washing for everyone in the house, because it is natural and smells yummy. Rinsing germs and dirt down the drain is way more fun when it smells like citrus! Celebrating soap might be a silly thing, but this small feat will help instill positive hygiene, and with boys, you take what you can get.

You all know that I stand for social good, and luckily, so does The Honest Company. By creating more sustainable products, The Honest Company is able to provide low prices and still give back to the community by contributing to non-profit organization Baby2Baby. I love that my purchase supports my own family’s health and livelihood, but also is making a difference to local families who are in need of the basic necessities The Honest Company started out creating in the first place. It’s cool how things come full circle, isn’t it?

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Winner will be announced on November 22, 2013 via The Honest Company’s Facebook page.

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  1. We have been switching into organic and natural foods for the past year, buying from Trader Joes and farmers market. We found we are expecting and being first time, I have been researching a lot on diapers and other things. Honest Company is the only one that comes up as Eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternate.


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