The Ultimate Beach Cottage Living Room

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Do you ever fantasy shop? Maybe you’re dreaming of how you would re-deign your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room if you had the funds. With the exception of our children’s furniture, we’d like to replace everything else in our house from the sofas and tables, all the way down to the pillows.

A few years ago we had a house at the beach in Galveston, and I was planning to furnish the living room, after we updated the house. Unfortunately, Hurricane Ike hit and the damage to our house, and the island changed our plans. Due to restrictions placed on all renovations, we decided to sell the beach house “as is”.

If, we ever have another cottage at the beach, this is how I’d furnish and decorate the living room. I’d start with the Baldwin Slip covered sofa in eggshell, and use pillows and accessories to add color.

The Ultimate Beach Cottage Living Room
Photo Credit Arhaus

These felt green diagonal pillows in blue and green would give the room a pop of color!

The Ultimate Beach Cottage Living Room
Felt Green Diagonal Pillow from Arhaus

I love the idea of bringing the outside in for beach cottages or cabins, so I’d use the Merrick coffee table. This beautiful table is made with twigs and branches gathered along the coast of Java, Indonesia.

The Ultimate Beach Cottage Living Room
Merrick Coffee Table from Arhaus

I’d use the matching end table with the Bryce table lamps.

The Ultimate Beach Cottage Living Room
Bryce Table Lamp and Merrick End Table

I’m also in love with the character of the Kendall Crank end table, and would use it somewhere in the room as well.

The Ultimate Beach Cottage Living Room
Kendall Crank Table

The black antiqued console table would be great for holding books and accessories like driftwood and candles.

The Ultimate Beach Cottage Living Room
Black Antiqued Console Table from Arhaus

My husband insists for a living room to be comfortable it must include a leather chair or a recliner like this one!

The Ultimate Beach Cottage Living Room
Delta Recliner

What is the one thing you’d have to have in your living room to be comfortable?


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