Tips for finding your 10-year-old girl the best birthday gift

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Turning 10 is one of the most important ages in the formative years of your little girl. While she’s not yet a teenager, she certainly likes to think she’s all grown up, especially around her friends! And when it comes to finding the best gift to celebrate her moving into double digits, it can raise a lot of questions to consider. 

For example, are modern 10-year-olds more mature than how we once were at 10 years old? Will this potential gift be healthy for their active, social, or educational lives? Is there anything wrong with just letting your little girl be a kid and enjoy her ideal birthday?

what to get for 10 year old girl birthday gift

To help you narrow down your list of perfect presents for 10 year old girls, here are some top tips for you to take into consideration. 

Creative gifts

If your little girl has always had that creative spark inside of her, now is the perfect time to cultivate that talent with some crafting kits or art supplies. Some girls are happiest when they have a blank canvas to make something of their own, and nourishing this natural talent for art today can help create a life-long love of anything artsy.

Creative gifts can be as simple as a coloring book, a ‘make your own’ kit set, or even a small musical instrument for them to learn. As long as she’s expressing herself, there’s no limit to what you can get her!

Educational gifts

If your little girl has a big thirst for knowledge, there is a wide range of educational presents sure to challenge her brain and excite her. With so many science kits, chemistry sets, and books now available to young girls, there’s an ideal gift for every kind of eager learner.

girls chemistry set

If she’s about to turn 10 and seems to have a passion for one specific subject in school, this may be an opportunity to nurture it through books and other learning materials. 

Experiences with friends gifts

If you’re a parent or guardian who prefers to find non-electric toys or gifts that last a little longer than usual, you may be looking for an experience to give them for the ultimate long-lasting present.

This can range from trip with her friends to a sporting event, an adventure park, the movies, or even a fun little shopping and brunch trip where they all dress up and feel like adults. 

Just for fun gifts

There’s a lot of pressure for young girls to grow up too fast. And chances are that your child still loves playing with dolls, figures, and other toys that her schoolmates may pretend to no longer like and deem as ‘babyish’.

But if you can give these gifts to your 10-year-old in private, watch her eyes light up with excitement! There’s always going to be a kid who just wants to play and have fun inside of her, regardless of how she may begin to act in front of others. 

If you can keep these tips in mind when choosing the gifts for your little girl, you can make this one of the best birthdays ever, and one that she often looks back on fondly. 

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