Tips For Managing Post-Workout Pain And Soreness

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Working out feels the best right after you’ve finished–you’re on a high as endorphins have recently flooded your body, you feel good about yourself for what you’ve just done, and you are looking forward to seeing and feeling positive changes in your body.

Then it hits.

Soreness, pain, and fatigue that can slow even the healthiest body can make you rethink your reason for starting to work out in the first place.

Is the pain and suffering worth it? Will it ever end? What can be done to manage pain and soreness in such a way that it’s possible to continue working out and achieving your goals?

There are some things you can do to ease pain, stiffness, and soreness that usually follow heavy workouts.

Follow these simple tips for body recovery and better workouts with every passing day:

Eat the right foods

You can’t out-train your fork. Filling your body with the right foods is essential for post-workout recovery and rebuilding muscle fibers.

The right balance of quality protein, fresh produce, and whole grains will help pack the nutritional punch needed for optimal recovery and fuel for subsequent workouts. 

Stay hydrated

Our bodies are comprised of about 70 percent water. When we are in a state of chronic dehydration, nothing works well.

Our workouts suffer, and post-workout processes that focus on repair and restoration are also compromised.

Drinking enough water is essential for providing the body with what it needs to repair itself. Aim for at least half your body weight in ounces daily for best results.

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Rub on some ointment

A number of products exist on the market today that can ease muscle discomfort and help with soreness. The use of hot and cold therapy or the heating and cooling sensation of certain products helps to penetrate muscles, promoting a feeling of ease and rejuvenation.

In recent years, the benefits of CBD oil have gained the attention of many fitness enthusiasts, including athletes and fitness professionals.

Many are now applying pure CBD oil directly on to their skin, either in oil their form or in creams and balms.

Finding an effective way to soothe your body in between workouts can do wonders for recovery periods, allowing you to stay active and on top of your health goals.

Do some muscle compression

Brief cool down sessions after vigorous exercise help to extract toxins and fluids from muscles that can cause soreness the next day.

In the same way, compression materials like foam rollers allow you to massage stiff and sore muscles, easing pain and stiffness that can result after workouts.

If your budget allows, consider adding a monthly massage to your self-care routine.

You may also want to commit to foam rolling after extreme workouts or if you are experiencing discomfort that makes it difficult to resume normal activity.

Try an Epsom salt soak

Taking a long, hot bath is good for increasing circulation and eliminating toxins from the body.

When the water is hot, the pores in your skin open, bringing toxins to the surface. As the water begins to cool, toxins are released and drawn into the water, leaving your body cleaner than before your soak.

Epsom salts have long been known to have detoxifying properties, and they help to restore the delicate pH balance of your skin.

No pain, no gain!

Remember, getting physically fit should be a fun process, not a painful one.

Do what you can to manage aches and pains that may be present as you up your fitness level.

Use these post-workout techniques to improve your condition and speed up your process towards attaining the body of your dreams! 

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