Tips For Organizing Your Closet This Summer

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Summer has finally arrived! I couldn’t be more excited for warm weather, days by the pool and afternoons at the beach. But before I can partake in any of the fun, I have to buckle down and get our new house organized. At the moment it’s filled with boxes and boxes of unpacked items. First things first, a girl needs her sanctuary. So I started in the bedroom and excitedly started with my (new and very first) walk-in closet but it was quickly filled and I was left overwhelmed. So I had to get organized. 

5 Tips For Organizing Your Closet This Summer

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Give It A Refresh

I’m a huge fan of recycling pieces from season to season but there comes a point when an item is just too out of date, starts looking a little drab or simply isn’t worn anymore. Each season you should go through your closet item by item. Not only should you get rid of pieces you no longer wear but it can also give you inspiration for key pieces you can add to amp up your wardrobe. 

Group Similar Items Together

This tip comes from Monica Friel an organizing expert and president of Chaos to Order.  The best way to know exactly what you have is to put like-items together. Organize your clothing by type or style and then by color. But the same goes for accessories. I love using my SOFI Zipper Totes to organize our swim wear in one and my husbands military gear in another. I love the quick and easy access for these small, hard to hang pieces. 

Store What’s Out Of Season

Don’t clutter up your closet with every piece of clothing you own. It will only end up making your closet feel cramped and overwhelming. Instead, store out-of-season clothing out of sight until it’s necessary. 

Organization is not a Destination 

Another tip from Monica? Organization is an ongoing process that requires efficient systems, maintenance and the good old-fashioned discipline of putting things back in place. With Monica Friel’s tips, you’ll be on your way to having your own couture closet space!

Turn It Into a Chic Boutique

I LOVE to shop but I never shop out of my own closet. Mostly because I wasn’t following the above tips. But now that its organized and concise, it’s much easier to draw inspiration because I have fun bins to shop from. My SOFI products perfectly match my closet, and add a bit of style with their gold zipper accents and geometric prints.

Thank you to SOFI for providing product. All opinions remain my own.

34 thoughts on “Tips For Organizing Your Closet This Summer”

  1. I really need to do this this summer! Would love to have such a gorgeous closet as pictured, but I know I can at least improve what I do have. Thanks for the tips!

  2. We got a bid for a total closet makeover when we first moved in, but as yet we haven’t taken the plunge. I would LOVE a custom closet over our wire shelf mess!

  3. There is nothing better than a well-organized closet I love pulling out the old season and bringing in the new. Great tips!


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