5 Tips For Planning a Family Reunion

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Our family seems to be growing at an exponential rate and time spent with everyone together becomes increasingly rare and precious. Most years, our family reunions take place at a little cabin in the middle of nowhere. This year, we had an unexpected cause for gathering a month earlier. Despite the short notice, it was possible to pull off a successful reunion full of unstoppable fun with a little planning.


5 Tips For Planning a Family Reunion

Plan ahead

If possible, start at least 6 months ahead. This gives family members to time make travel arrangements, request time off from work or save funds to attend.

Document Family History

This can be as simple as taking group and individual photos each year or as in depth as recording video documentary or commentary from each family member. Whatever you do, make sure this time together is documented.

Don’t Overplan

Allow for some spontaneity. An overly planned reunion isn’t fun for anyone. Instead, plan out an activity or two for each day as well as at least one meal together. Allow families to spend the rest of the time together as they please. Some may want to sit and reminisce, others may want to get together with the members they grew up with and still others may want to go on a hike or catch a movie.

Cater to All Ages

While it isn’t possible to cater to everyone, realize that there will be people of all ages and abilities. Because adults are usually doing the planning, we can sometimes forget about the kids but remember, most adults keep coming back because they remember how much fun they had as kids themselves. Plan a variety of activities for everyone, like family games and sporting games and make sure to plan for breaks too. Little kids need their rest so lay out blankets for them to catch a break without missing any of the action.


Keep Them Happy, Healthy and Hydrated

In addition to planning the large meals, keep snacks like fresh fruit and veggies on hand. They’re hydrating and refreshing during hot summer days. Create a “water bar” where people can use a variety of flavorings to spruce up bottled water in order to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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