10 Tips To Make Spring Cleaning Easier

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Sunnier days are upon us and the temperature is slowly rising. You know what that means, spring cleaning! Personally I love a clean and clutter free house but I hate spring cleaning. So I’m always looking for ways to make it easier while also making sure I get some of those forgotten spots like sink disposal. 

10 Tips To Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Clean Your Sponge – Frequently!

The kitchen sponge is one of my go to spring cleaning tools. I use it on the whole kitchen, but beware – sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria. For a quick fix, disinfect by adding a little soap and water and wringing it out. Then pop the sponge in the microwave on high for one minute.

Sanitize the Sink

It’s hard to imagine the kitchen sink holding more bacteria than a toilet seat, but science says it’s true. Get rid of the gunk with this easy process –  clean with a mixture of soap and water and then mist with hydrogen peroxide. Allow it to air dry. 

Clean Your Shower Liner

Have you ever tried to scrub a shower curtain liner? It’s like trying to catch the wind. Instead, throw it in the washing machine with bleach and wash it on hot with a few towels to help scrub it clean. Then just hang it back in the shower to dry.

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Do Dishwasher Duty

Sounds like a big job, but it’s almost sweat free. First, run an empty cycle with your favorite detergent like Finish Max in 1 and Quantum Max. Not only do they help protect your glassware, but they’re also great for cleaning out an empty dishwasher. Then follow up with a little baking soda on a sponge for any stuck on food or stains.

Clean The Shower Doors

Did you know just a teaspoon of lemon oil on your glass shower doors will help water roll off and prevent water stains? Yay for less work!

Refresh Your Scent

Choose to do your spring cleaning on a gorgeous breezy day. Throw open all the windows in the house while you clean to air out any stale smells accumulated over winter. Once you’re done cleaning, close the windows and put a vase of flowers in your living room and kitchen. They give the space a cheerful air while giving the room a clean, floral scent. For the other rooms of your house, try something like the new Air WickⓇ Life Scents™Oils or Freshmatic™ which has unique technology that combines three different notes of fragrance to come together in one scent.

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Give Yourself a Refresh Too

Winter always leaves me feeling pretty drab by spring but a quick trip to the salon for a lighter color, a new bottle of nail polish and an hour in the bathtub always leaves me feeling refreshed. Now is a great time to switch it up and try a new perfume or even a body wash like the new Caress Forever Collection. It uses Caress Fragrance Pearls to release a burst of perfume to your skin that last up to 12 hours. 

Disinfect the Disposal

Drop in a few slices of citrus fruit like lemon or orange with some salt and a few ice cubes. The citrus will deodorize your disposal while the ice and salt clean away any build up.

Clear The Clutter Spots

Everyone has that one area in the house that seems to accumulate clutter (is everywhere an option?). In our house, it’s the hutch by our entry way and the breakfast bar. They seem to accumulate everything – junk mail, sports equipment, scraps of paper, and the odd toy. Begin picking up with those areas and your rooms will instantly look cleaner.

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Stock Up On Essentials

Spring cleaning is also a perfect time to stock up on your essentials. While you’re going through the house getting rid of unwanted or expired products, be sure to also make a list of what you need to replace. I find that I typically need to restock almost all of my cleaning supplies by the time I’m done cleaning, but I also take stock of my feminine products like Playtex SportⓇ Combo, laundry detergent, my husbands body and face wash and the supplies in our guest bathroom.

You can get all of your spring cleaning supplies at your local Safeway Stores (Vons, Pavilions, CARRS, Tom Thumb, Randalls). Look for the colorful NEW tag to discover what’s new.


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