A bed that measures your breathing, heart rate and sleep patterns

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Today, most of us are actively tracking something. Whether it’s our wireless data, energy consumption, fuel expenditure or most recently popular, our fitness. In fact, 43% of us track exercise, 41% of us track diet and another 16% track their sleep – and the results aren’t awesome.

According to a recent Sleep Number® survey, Americans are getting an average of only 6.7 hours of sleep, which is well below the recommended 8 hours, and some are getting less than 4 hours a night!

Sadly, I’m in the crowd that all too frequently gets less than 4 hours a night, but thankfully, most night’s I’m able to squeeze in 6-7 hours. Still not ideal, so what gives? 

My sleep apnea probably has something to do with it. So does that fact that I basically live on caffeine.

Did I mention I’m also a mom? I’m sure many of us can relate to one or all of those things and would give just about anything to get a full 8 hours of solid, restful sleep, right?

Perhaps if we tracked our sleep as closely as we tracked the number of steps we take each day, we might be resting a little better. With Sleep Number’s SleepIQ® technology you can track your sleep and just about everything else too.

On a recent visit to my local Sleep Number Store (find your local Sleep Number store), I had the chance to get comfy on their beds and find my perfect Sleep Number. 

It turns out my sleep number is a 10 – what can I say? I like to sleep on a fluffy bed of clouds. sleep numberThe representative helping me out was actually amazed at how soft I liked my mattress. But for me, it’s all about hip pressure.

My hips frequently ache at night and I like as little as pressure on them as possible. Thanks to the SleepIQ® I was actually able to see how the difference between 100 and 10 affected the various pressure points on my body. 

But more than just giving you a number, the Sleep Number Sleep IQ® technology uses sensors that work directly with advanced DualAir™ technology inside the Sleep Number bed.

It measures average breathing rate, average heart rate, movement and bed presence to show you the quality of your sleep with nothing to wear, nothing to turn on.


And if that isn’t enough, the SleepIQ® activity tracker actually takes it a step beyond that. Sleep is influenced by so much more than just your bed.

You can also input things like your daily caffeine intake, diet, exercise, television viewing, media usage and medications.

The idea here is to use this knowledge to identify trends and make changes over time. For instance, if I have a soda anytime after 3pm it affects my sleep each night.

I also have a harder time falling asleep if I’m on my laptop in bed right before hand. These patterns start to appear after just a month using SleepIQ®.

What’s keeping you up at night that would make you want a Sleep Number bed? 

Learn more about SleepIQ® technology and how it’s available with all Sleep Number beds. You find a store near you with the Sleep Number store locator

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31 thoughts on “A bed that measures your breathing, heart rate and sleep patterns”

  1. What a cool concept! It makes sense to have something you spend so much time with/on that it does something that helps you.

    • Glad you’re a fan, Caitlin! We thought it made sense too and we’re excited to see how our owners are improving their sleep with the new technology. Feel free to stop by next time you’re in the area and see it for yourself.

  2. My Fitbit helps me track my sleep, you won’t believe how many times j roll over or am constantly moving all night long, I think it’s because I have pretty bad shoulder pain and its bothersome at night. Fine during the day, but at night ugh. I like sleep trackers, maybe they can help identify a problem you can see a doctor about.

    • We’d love to tell you all about it, Liz! Just let us know if we can help you find a local store to drop by and learn more.


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