Modal Concept Tote: The Gym Bag Reinvented

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As a new mom with a full time job, I have to make the most of every moment. In order to start working off those last pregnancy pounds before summer arrives, I have been hitting the gym next door to my office at 5 a.m. The other morning I was totally in the zone and lost track of time. When I finally glanced at my watch and realized I had only fifteen minutes to change and get into my morning meeting, I was frantic! As I ran around the locker room trying to get myself together, I dug through my gym/recycled diaper bag, and I realized I had not packed a dress shirt. In fact I had not packed any shirt except the one I had worn to the gym. It was my husband’s oversized t-shirt that someone had bought him as a joke, and I just happened to grab that morning. It said, If squats were any easier, they’d be called your mom. Yikes!

I stood there for a moment in sheer terror as I realized I had no option but to wear my ridiculous and sweaty shirt. There was no time to go buy a shirt. I tried flipping the shirt inside out but the inside of the white cotton tee had pretty visible pit stains. I even asked the one other woman in the locker room if she had a spare shirt that I promised to return to her. She looked at me as if I were crazy and shook her head No. There was nothing else to do but gather my stuff and head to work.

When I entered the office, I quickly explained my situation to my supervisor who kindly let me borrow her jacket for our morning teleconference. However, the rest of the day I had to march around in my heels, dress pants, and ridiculous t-shirt. I tried to carry papers and files to hide myself, but the snickers and comments were endless.

When I arrived home after my long day, my husband watched me as I came in and raised his eyebrows as he saw my shirt. “Was it casual day?” he asked with a smirk.

After my embarrassing ordeal, I decided to get a bag that would keep me organized so no such mishap would ever happen again. The answer to my dilemma was the Modal Concept Tote. This stylish bag has everything a busy woman needs to get to the gym then on with her day.


The pockets are water resistant and subtle so I can toss my car keys and some cash in there without worry.

I use my tablet to track my calories and check out new exercises which means I always have my tablet with me at the gym. This tote has a quilted soft touch lining that provides padding for laptop or tablet storage. I can toss my tablet in with everything else I need.


Like many women, I travel most everywhere with an arsenal of hairstyling tools. However, it can be tricky to pack them up when they are still hot. There is a pocket in this tote to store your hairstyling tools while they are still warm! This thermo pocket means not having to fret that a fire is starting in the trunk of your car because of that straightener in your gym bag.

After I peel off those sweaty clothes, the last thing I want to do is stuff them in a bag alongside other clean items and zip it up in a bag with no ventilation. The Modal Concept Tote has a pocket for soiled clothes which is moisture resistant and large enough to hold your shoes too. The vented material promotes air circulation to avoid any lingering workout aromas.


The bag also has straps for your oversized or space consuming items like a towel or yoga mat.

The convenient organization allows me to get to the gym then off to work without having to haul a suitcase with all of the necessary items.

The Modal Concept Tote is available at Best Buy. Free Shipping on orders $35 and up or free store pickup!

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  1. This looks like an awesome bag that could hold so much. I love the zipper compartment at the bottom.

  2. This bag looks like a very stylish and useful bag. I’m a triathlete, so I would need 3 of these to replace my giant gym bag. But I do travel quite a bit and this looks like a perfect travel bag for me.


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