10 Tips To Take Better Travel Photos With Your iPhone

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Whether you’re looking to step up your Instagram game or simply trying to document your travels in a more interesting light, try these 10 tips to take better travel photos with your iPhone. You will be getting ALL the likes in no time at all.

Tips To Take Better Travel Photos With Your iPhone

1. Rule of Thirds

Use the iPhone’s grid feature to help you compose your shots. To turn it on, go to Settings, select Photos & Camera, and enable the grid feature. Use this helpful tool to apply the Rule of Thirds to your photographs for a more interesting composition. What is the Rule of Thirds? It involves dividing up your image into 9 sections by using 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines. Then position elements in your scene along the lines OR at the points where the lines intersect. For instance, in the photo above the turtles lie roughly at the intersection of a horizontal and vertical line.  

2. Use Burst Mode

Utilize “burst mode” by holding down the camera’s shutter to take multiple photos quickly. It’s great for avoiding blury action shots. 



3. Focus.

Tap on the screen in the camera viewer to change the focus of the photo. This also helps control your lighting, especially in photos where there is a bright light behind the subject (a setting sun or light through a window).

4. Try an External Lens

Use an external wide-angle lens to get amazing landscapes,  sunsets and even close-up shots.

5. Use a Tripod

You can pick up a decent tripod on Amazon for just $15. I like this iphone tripod in particular because its flexible limbs make it versatile and it contains a universal mount. 

6. Clean Your Lens

Clean. Your. Lens. Dust particles, fingerprints, oils and the gunk hanging out at the bottom of your purse can ruin a great photo by making it muddy or out of focus. 

7. Change Perspective.

Get up high, down low, get in the ocean and turn back towards the land, shoot toward the sky or straight down at the ground. 

8. Do Not Zoom. 

Move your feet to zoom. Avoid using the actual zoom feature at all cost. It kills the quality of your image. Move yourself closer or take the image zoomed out and then crop in.

9. Get a Waterproof Case

Invest in a good waterproof case! Sometimes the coolest sites are what’s below the surface. Especially if your travels involve scuba diving or snorkeling.


10. Use People in Landscapes

Use people in your landscape photos to tell a story, add interest and even give perspective to the size and scale of surrounding objects. 


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