10 Best Trash the Dress Wedding Photos

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It used to be that after a wedding brides would dry clean their dress and stow it away for all eternity. Sometimes it was simply kept as a keepsake and other times brides hoped that their future daughters would use it in some way. Then came the idea of turning a portion of the dress into a keepsake, like a throw pillow. For a long time I was a fan of the keepsake idea. A few of my aunts did it when they got married and the results were gorgeous. The problem? It still just end up stowed away, even if it was on display.

I’m a much bigger fan of the new trend – a Trash the Dress photo session. Photos of the big day are beautiful, but to be honest they’re a pain. Don’t let the hem drag, don’t snag the dress, don’t smudge, don’t wipe your hands – the list goes on and on. In these trash the dress wedding photos, brides (and grooms!) get to loosen up and have some FUN. Not only is getting dirty allowed, it’s encouraged. Aside from the ones involving paint, most of these trashing sessions actually don’t hard the dress at all. The majority of these brides still get to keep a beautiful dress as a keepsake too.

Nine Photography
Nine Photography

Using paint to trash your dress is a relatively new concept. This particular photo reminds me a piece of artwork, but if it’s a little bit formal.

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