A 3 Step Method to Treating Your Pet for Fleas

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Zoey became a part of our family when my daughter was just three months old. I had grown up with pets all of my life and hoped that Zoey and Maddilyn would grow up to be the best of friends. I wasn’t wrong. Two summers ago, Zoey came home after surgery and Maddilyn would gingerly walk her out to their favorite sunny spot in the yard where they laid in the grass together soaking up the sunshine. Then when my daughter came down sick for what seemed like an eternity last winter, Zoey would frequently rest her head on the edge of my daughter’s bed and watch her while she napped. When the first snow fell last winter, I watched them race around the yard enjoying the brisk day. Wherever one is, there the other will be.  

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AdamsFlea & Tick Control Products.
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Unfortunately, this inseparability also comes with a few nuisances we must deal with. Most of these can be taken care of with regular trips to the groomers for a day of washing, clipping and filing, but fleas are something that must be dealt with at home. I’ve found that the products used at the groomers do not contain flea treatment and now that we live in Florida, where conditions for fleas are almost always ideal, we have really had to step up our game.  A few weeks after our move, spring finally broke in Florida and while we were busy celebrating gorgeous 80 degree days, we also had no idea the trouble that was brewing. Seemingly overnight, our family pet became very visibly infested with fleas. 

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The sight of so many creepy little fleas made my skin crawl and my head began to itch. There is something incredibly disgusting about the thought of fleas infesting your dog and invading your home. Mom quickly turned into the terminator and the Great Flea Exodus began. We had an entire line of Adams™ Flea & Tick Control Products and I planned on using them all for my fail proof flea eradication plan.


A 3 Step Method to Treating Your Pet for Fleas

The smartest way to protect pets from pests is treating pets, home and yard before a flea and tick outbreak occurs. It is key to comprehensively treat pets, home and yard regularly to eliminate the fleas as well as their hidden eggs and larvae before they become biting, breeding adults.

[infobox]Did you know ten adult female fleas can produce up to 15,000 flea eggs in just 30 days?[/infobox]

  1. First up, a good flea bath with Adams™ Flea & Tick Cleansing Shampoo. In order for the shampoo to be effective, it’s really important to follow the guidelines. For instance, did you know that you should let the lather set for at least 3-5 minutes? TIP: Start with the head and ears to prevent fleas from moving up into your dogs face as you wash the rest of his/her body.  
  2. Once she dried completely we followed up with Adams™ for Dogs Flea & Tick Spot On®. It was super easy to use. Just pop the product into the applicator and squeeze down the back in four spots (# of spots depends on dog’s weight) starting near the top of the head.
  3. With the thought of fleas invading our house still fresh on our mind I finished up with the Adams™ Flea & Tick Home Spray just for good measure by tackling any fleas that may be hiding in our carpet, furniture and the pet bed (a breeding ground for fleas!). I began with throwing the pet bed in the wash and then I sprayed everything down with Adams Flea & Tick Home Spray. It took just a light mist over all the fabrics and carpets followed by an hour at the park while we waited for it to do its magic. 

Thanks to the ideal weather conditions, infestation became bad so quickly that we did have to reapply the topical as directed (again in 8 days) to finally eradicate the fleas, but now that we’re staying on top of it, we’re finally flea free! Next year I’ll definitely be more prepared! 

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Adams™ Flea & Tick Control Products.

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  1. I have to agree with you. Fleas and ticks give me the creeps but they have to be dealt with. Thanks for sharing!


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