Easy Ways to Futurize Your Home

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Each of us craves the creature comforts of a well-designed, cozy home. There might be quite a few DIYers out there who spend hours working on their homes and always seem to be renovating or updating them. However, for those of us who might be a bit confused as to the differences between a drill and a table saw, that isn’t possible. To that end, here’s a quick look at a few ways to futurize your home without needing to tear down any walls or break the bank.

turn your house into a smart home
turn your house into a smart home

EV Charging Stations

Many people are turning to electric vehicles these days. The thing is, you must charge them for them to work. So, if you’ve made the switch to an electric vehicle, you really should take a look at putting one of the latest EV charging stations in your garage. That way, you can plug the car in as soon as you park it and it will always be ready to go.

SMART Thermostat

These days, everything is being automated… even things in our homes. You can get a variety of devices that will make your home run a bit smoother.  Take the Nest thermostat for example. With this device, your home will always be at a comfortable temperature. It can even help you save on your energy bills if you set it to not run as much during the hours when you’re at work. 

Home Assistant

Home assistants are another SMART device that has taken homes by storm. These devices help automate the home and simplify processes. With no real installation required (just a sound internet connection), you can choose a device for the home that will track the status of other connected devices throughout the home. You can remotely control all connected SMART devices in the house. By easily setting demands, you can turn off lights, view security cameras, make a cup of coffee, lock or open the doors, and much more. 

turn your house into a smart home

SMART Lighting

The right lighting can really bring new life to a room. Rooms that aren’t properly lit can appear cramped, dark, and small, while one that’s brightly lit (like with LED lighting) can appear welcoming, airy, and open. There are quite a few ways to make your home brighter using lights. The easier ways include things like buying more floor or table lamps. 

If you really want to push the envelope on the modern or futuristic appeal, install smart lighting in your home. Smart lighting is essentially lightbulbs that connect to your network. You can download an application on your phone that allows you to control the lights remotely. You can turn lights off and on at demand, adjust the brightness depending on your needs at the moment, and even change the colors (for those who installed colored smart bulbs). Not only is this cool, but it’s efficient, saving you money on your energy bill each month.

Security Systems

If you have a dated wired home security system, a noisemaker, or simply don’t have any form of protection, you’ll want to invest in this sort of technology to modernize your home. Newer security systems are wireless making them easier to install. With features like cameras, floodlights, fire and CO detectors, and motion sensors, you can find peace of mind in knowing your home is protected. Not to mention, most home security systems can be monitored remotely giving you complete access to your home when you’re there – or not.


The lawn and garden get overlooked more than they should. We tend to plant a tree or two and then we’re done with it. Yet curb appeal is important for maintaining the value of the property. Not everyone has a green thumb, but it can be simple to get your lawn healthy, create a few raised flower beds, and plant more flowering shrubs or trees. Just keep in mind that it’s always best if you start slowly by adding just a couple of shrubs to the front lawn, and then maybe add a smallish raised flower bed around the front door or walkway.

Were you aware that there were a lot of tech devices you could install in your lawn or garden? Talk about bringing your home up to the modern ages, there are lots of products you could benefit from. There are garden sensors, for example. These are ideal for individuals who are new to gardening. The sensor, when stuck in the soil can provide you data that includes moisture levels, PH, temperature, and nutrients. This information can be used to determine which plants and flowers would grow best in your yard. 

Want to take it a step further while also conserving water? Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers may be right up your alley. Controlled by a mobile application, the sprinkler controller will quickly analyze the soil, types of plants you have, and the weather conditions to develop a watering plan. This reduces water usage and the probability that you’ll over or under water your lawn and garden.

Open Space

Right now, the trend with floor plans is for them to be open. Homeowners are wanting open floor plans where the dining room, family room, and kitchen all share a massive open space. Things like formal dining rooms are passé now. How can you create an open floor plan without tearing any of your walls down?

This might be a bit easier than it seems. Sometimes, it’s just a case of having to get rid of bulkier furnishings or moving them around to find the placement that will give the appearance of more space. If you have things like cabinets, armoires, or other bulky furniture that you’re attached to, think about painting them an off-white shade so that they’ll ‘disappear’ into the room easily while tricking the eye into thinking that the space is more open and airier. 

This is just a quick look at a few ways to futurize your home. Adding an EV charging station, SMART devices, new lighting, and landscaping and creating a more open space will go a long way towards bringing your home into the future.