Family Outdoor Adventure Gear Must-Haves

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My time outdoors is a sacred piece of time. It is where I go with my family to explore. It is where I escape when I have to get away from emails and phone calls. Outside is where I find myself once again and forget the chaos of life, if only momentarily. Being in nature is where I teach my son that hiking is more fun than an hour of Paw Patrol. On the lake my husband and I can fish and savor the silence between us without thoughts of bills or what is for dinner. Spending time together outside as a family is what allows us to recharge and truly know each other instead of communicating with half hearted answers groaned in between commercial breaks or glances up from the phone.

When I find products that aide in our time outside, I am eager to share with others in hopes they might also find solace in the world around them. Unigear has a variety of products for outdoor adventures, and was kind enough to supply my family with their waterproof floating dry bag and portable nylon hammock during one of the last weekends of summer, so we could give our honest feedback on the items.


Regardless of the weather, I am always trying to find activities to get us out of the house. Fall is approaching in Michigan, and we don’t have many warm days left. This past weekend, we had plenty of sunshine which gave us the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air, and we spent the morning reading books in our portable hammock and enjoying a lazy Saturday morning.


The Portable Nylon Hammock comes in a handful of colors and two sizes. It has a wide area with 550lb capacity allowing two people to fit comfortably in the smaller size and 3 in the larger size. With its easy set up, the hammock is ready to hang once it is pulled out of its convenient fold up pack (which is small enough to fit in my medium-sized purse). It is perfect for camping and the like as well as a nice resting spot in the backyard. My two year old enjoyed the gentle, cradling so much he asked me if he could nap in it! The parachute nylon also dried nicely when we accidentally left it out in the rain. It comes with two ropes, two carabiners, an eye mask, and a Lifetime Warranty. It will certainly be a staple for our hiking and camping trips.


Whether sunshine, rain or snow, we are almost always on the move especially during the weekend which means we often need a good dry bag. The Unigear Waterproof Floating Dry Bag is a major necessity for us. From kayaking and paddleboarding to four-wheeling through the mud and snowshoeing, we need a reliable bag to toss in our phones, lunch, a dry change of clothes and anything else along for the ride. They can be purchased from 5L to 40L in numerous colors including camouflage. The easy clip on strap and a smaller bag for phones or wallets makes it easier to bring along items without fearing they will be lost or destroyed. The material is durable and holds up well to the elements. It also doubles as a great beach bag effectively keeping the sand out. We kayaked with a 5L bag and a 10L bag which easily held our camera, phones, and rain jackets with plenty more room to spare.


Unigear has a multitude of products for camping and enjoying the outdoors. There is cookware for your campsite, hydration packs for hiking and running, headlamps, and even a universal travel power plug adaptor among other products to help you get off the couch and out the door. Don’t let the approaching winter put a damper on your outdoor adventure. Shop Here to find items to help you stay active all year round.  

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