9 Things #LifeonFiOS Gamers Do Faster

Gamers only need three things to conquer the (virtual) world. A Big Gulp, a comfy recliner, and blazing fast internet like Verizon FiOS, because everyone knows that lag will literally be the death of you. My #LifeonFiOS has enabled me to do these essential 9 things without a hiccup, like the boss I am, seeing as FiOS has been named the fastest ISP since PCMag began testing in 2010!

#1: Blast more zombies in a minute and finally beat that 13 year old named “Predator”

You know which kid I’m talking about. The one who talks more smack than Kobe Bryant. If his mother heard him, she’d send him to bed without supper. What’s worse is that his scores are always ridiculous, you know, because he doesn’t have time sucking commitments like children, a spouse or a job. Forget about finding extra time, all I need is Verizon FiOS speed! Time to blast some zombies and take him down a peg. 

#2: Bring Home More Rings

NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL … so many rings, so little time. Madden has nothing on Verizon.

Fun fact: There are 82 games in a season of NBA 2K. Each game is about 20 minutes. That’s 1,640 minutes or 27 hours of game time. 

#3: Win a Million Dollars

MLB 2k is known for it’s Million Dollar Challenge. It used to be “easy” with the first person to throw a perfect game winning all the loot. But now I have to hone my skills, it’s not enough to pitch a perfect game. I also have to have a better game than everyone else who achieves it. I’m starting to wear out the “restart”, but luckily never have to worry about glitches or hangups! 

#4 Once You Get Dough, You Gotta Spend It

Get money. Spend a few bills – 200 million to be exact, in GTA 5, and unlock the “Spend a Lot of Cheddar. ” Need ideas? Business, cars, boats even an airport can be bought. 


#5 Level 70 in Diablo 3

60 Hours, 48 Big Gulps, 63 bags of chips, and one bladder infection later lands you squarely at level 70. Congratulations to me! I’m sure using one of my sick days was worth it and the bonus about this is that you’ll be about half way to unlock the 1,000,000 undead killed achievement. Back in the day, I used to sit with my back towards my boyfriend as we crushed the first Diablo game together in the computer room. At times we would yell in frustration because one of us would get kicked off or would freeze during battle. Those days are long gone, and my meat cleaver is honed and ready to reap some souls.

#6 Team Death Match

Nothing shuts up the prodigy like a little team death match in COD. The cherry on top? Make it a multi-kill and take out his cronies too. Just don’t be the one caught in a lag – and you won’t with FiOS. 

#7 Finally Beat the Bunker Level in Little Big Planet

The Bunker is the second stage in The Wilderness and it’s arguably one of the hardest levels in the game. Part of the problem is that three players are required to complete one of the challenges. This makes it even harder because any player can die at any point throughout the level. I’m just saying – if Jimmy doesn’t start pulling his own weight, I’m going to put a tack on his computer chair. 

#8 Rack Up 50,000 Points in Disney Infinity

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points in Disney Infinity.  

Bengarrrs Castle
Bengarrrs Castle

#9 Create The Ultimate MineCraft Island

The craziest ones we have seen so far? 

  • An island floating in the ocean with 5 fingers. 
  • An island suspended in the sky with a waterfall flowing down to the ocean.
  • One in the shape of a skull.

And don’t even get us started on crazy creations like Zelda, My Little Pony and T-Rex. 

Even though I am a Verizon #LifeonFiOS Ambassador and I have received product or services for this post, they have not influenced what I’ve said. All opinions and thoughts are 100% honest and mine, all mine. 

31 thoughts on “9 Things #LifeonFiOS Gamers Do Faster”

  1. It is still not available in my area, why I don’t know! I would have thought it would be by now. But I’m stuck with cable!

  2. My kids love to play video games, they have just started to get into playing so I am so happy that we have a really fast internet! This list is great, I can only imagine how fast FIOS Gamers can play faster!

  3. oh my gosh yes, I have to have super fast internet with everything I have to get done each day! My kids love to play video games too so that lightening fast internet comes in handy with game play!

  4. Internet speeds really have come a long way since the days of dial up. I can remember fighting with my sister if one of us needed the phone while we were online.

  5. I only have one child and she never really got into games. She has brought over friends that are very into gaming and all of these things are most certainly true!

  6. You crack me up! You are like a big kid! I am too old for this stuff, but this is my 11 year old’s life! It is a huge help fro bribery purposes with school work!

  7. I used to play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for hours. My son plays the most games now, but I still dabble in Candy Crush!

  8. I like gaming more than I like to admit it, and these all look fun. I try to avoid the games that look like the most fun so I don’t get too much of my time wrapped up in them :O

  9. I had not even thought of all of this with my FiOS Jeana – THANK YOU!! and I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the minecraft image, it’s beautiful!


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