Children Solving Problems with the Verizon Innovation App Challenge

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“Children are our most valuable resource.” – Herbert Hoover

Children look at the world with such hope. It is their unique perspectives that often open the door to solutions that adults cannot see. We find ourselves boxed in by the laws of reason and our own skepticism making us unable to think beyond the obvious. Children seem to find anything possible which allows them to challenge the impossible. 

Verizon Innovation App Challenge

Verizon understands that the children are the future, and they are encouraging our youth to continue to make this world a better place. Right now, kids can enter the Verizon Innovative App Challenge and share their incredible ideas for the chance to win prizes to help fund the development of their App. 

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Children will identify a problem within their school or community. Then, they must develop an idea for an App that will address the problem. Students must find fresh, new ideas that aren’t already being used by other apps.

Previous Prizes have been:

  • A Tablet for Every Team Member
  • $5,000 for every best in state team
  • $20,000 for every best in nation team
  • Lessons in App Development by MIT Experts (no coding experience required)

Who is Eligible?

All students within the United States in 6-8 grades as well as High School grades 9-12, in teams of 5-7 members plus an adult advisor can enter.  

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How Do you Enter?

  • Schools and non-profits need to create teams of 5-7 with one teacher or employee from the sponsoring organization to advise and register the team.
  • Create a three minute video and answer the provided essay questions. 
  • Submit your work for a chance to win!

Download the Official Rules for the Verizon App Challenge.

Find inspiration from some of the previous winners at the Verizon Innovative App Challenge. You can learn about past winners and the unique ideas that set them apart. 

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  1. Sounds like an amazing opportunity. I can see some future entrepreneurs coming out of this one. I’m telling my school about this one!


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