The VTech Switch & Go Dinos line keeps getting better and better

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The Christmas Season is upon us! Can you believe it’s already that time? Another year, another month spent finding the perfect gift for loved ones. It can be a challenge to find a gift that will make their faces light up the moment they tear off the paper and keep them entertained all the year long.

Our family has been a fan of VTech Switch & Go Dinos for quite some time and they have been our go-to gift of choice for family and friends ever since we discovered them. It started in 2012 with the our first Switch & Go Dino, Sliver the T-Rex. Last year we got a new dino pet, Jagger the T-Rex and also expanded to include even the smallest of Dinos (perfect companions for our many travel adventures). They’re one of those toys kids never get tired of playing with because of their unique ability to be two toys in one. Whistler still plays with Sliver on a daily basis!

vtech switch and go remote dinoThe Switch & Go Dinos line just keeps getting better and better, their newest edition being Bronco the RC Triceratops. He is the very first remote control dino that turns into a super speedy race car! Does it get any better? It’s like the trifecta of toys – cars, dinosaurs and RC power.

Bronco transforms from a fierce Triceratops to a sleek race car with a simple push of a button on his remote control. He can be controlled via remote in both car mode and dino mode, moving forward, backward, left and right with the easy to use intuitive remote control. At first I wasn’t sure about the knob for turning, but Whistler was able to figure it out without any help and actually is able to steer this better than any other remote vehicle we have tried.

When the race is neck and neck kids can use the turbo charge lever to charge his turbo boosters and press the turbo boost button to give him a burst of speed. Additional buttons on the remote turn on his headlights, offer up cool dino facts and hear wild sound effects.  

Whistler love’s Bronco’s LCD screen display where the cool customizable dinosaur eyes and driver animations happen. You can choose from four different styles and the driver does fun stuff like wave and say hello to you!

VTech® Switch & Go Dinos® Turbo Bronco the RC Triceratops is the perfect gift for kids ages 3-8 years with an MSRP for $44.99. You can follow VTech on Twitter and Facebook for more info. 

Thank you to Vtech for providing product for purposes of this post. All opinions remain my own.

The Giveaway

One (1) lucky winner will receive one (1) VTech® Switch & Go Dinos® Turbo Bronco the RC Triceratops (Ages 3-8 years, MSRP: $44.99)

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