10 Reasons Why Parents Don’t Get Enough Sleep

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This post is written on behalf of Leesa Mattress by me. Even though a mattress was provided, all opinions remain my own.

There are so many things they tell you about parenthood that you can never, ever prepare for. The sheer lack of sleep is one of them. I don’t care if your baby sleeps thru the night at 3 weeks old. I don’t care if your child has a great bedtime routine. Eventually it will catch up to you. It creeps up slowly until suddenly black circles are a permanent part of your look and concealer bottles litter your vanity. It’s coming. 

Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Don’t Sleep 

  1. H..is for Hell. You know what I’m talking about. When your toddler’s head is on one adults back and her feet are in the other creating this perfect little H of Hell.
  2. Someone had a bad dream and it wasn’t mommy even though she had to watch one more episode of the Walking Dead.
  3. It’s Valentines Day. The one night of year we actually choose to forgo sleep in lieu of more interesting activities. Plus, 50 Shades of Gray was just released.
  4. Your toddler has decided 3am is a perfectly logical time of day to stand over you gently running a comb thru your hair in preparation of dress up. What? You don’t want to play dress up?!
  5. Your significant other is getting ready for work and needs every. light. in. the. house. on.
  6. Someone told you today that they’re supposed to be George Washington tomorrow in the school play.
  7. “One more drink of water or I will die of thirst in the middle of the night and you will be sorry”, she says.
  8. This day just totally got away from you. You haven’t made it out of yesterdays pajama’s and the to-do list is still miles long. 
  9. After running through the house like speed racer for an hour – in the middle of the night – the cat has decided the most comfortable place to sleep is your head. 
  10. Hot Flashes or pregnancy hormones or a discrepancy about the exact thermostat setting.

Bonus reason parents don’t get enough sleep? Our mattress. Not nearly as funny as the list above but it’s the situation I recently faced. We had a decent mattress, but it was 5 years old and starting to show it’s wear with a dip forming in the middle of the pillow top. Not even 1000 thread count sheets could make it feel plush any longer. It was also small. My husband and I were constantly in each others space and if one of us moved it would wake the other up. We were both miserable and sadly it was becoming our norm. 


When it came time to move we couldn’t wait to upgrade our bed. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect to start our relationship with Leesa Sleep. Leesa caught our interest for a few great reasons: 

  • Leesa Mattresses are 100% American made
  • They offer a 10% Military Discount
  • Leesa offers a 100 Night Risk Free Trial
  • A King Size Mattress for Under $1000

Unlike traditional mattress they Leesa does not use coil technology. Instead the 10in mattress is composed of three sections beginning with a 2in cooling Avena top layer airflow and enough bounce for freedom of movement. The middle layer is 2 inches of memory foam to provide body contouring and pressure relief. The bottom 6inches are composed of a dense core for stability, strength and durability.  



The Leesa Mattress is delivered compressed and requires an easy peasy set up. Unbox, unroll and watch it expand. 

When I first began my research into memory foam mattress I read many reviews on a variety of brands claiming that the foam actually took too long to respond to a persons movements. Not so with the Leesa Mattress. I found it incredibly responsive from the very first night. There also was no adjustment or “breaking in” period – it was just fantastic sleep from the very first night. 

I knew my relationship with my bed was on the path to blissdom but I didn’t realize how great it was until a recent stay at a nice hotel. Normally I look forward to plushly made hotel beds but I woke the next morning thinking about how much better I slept on my Leesa Mattress.  

5 Reasons Why I Can Now Sleep Thanks to My Leesa 

  • Thanks to it’s size, I sleep like I’m single while retaining all of the benefits of a husband. 
  • Sunday morning snuggles are actually restful now. 
  • There is no transfer of motion. I don’t feel my husband get up for work until he kisses me goodbye. 
  • My daughter can sneak into bed without me knowing. 
  • Cool technology keeps me refreshed and restful. 

Back to that 100 Night Risk-Free Trial. Because they know it takes more than one night to fall in love, you have 100 nights with Leesa to decide, or return it for a full refund. A mattress is a long term investment so it’s only natural to want to try it before you buy it. But I *know* that Leesa is a mattress worth investing in. Plus, Leesa Sleeps is offering our readers a $50 Leesa Mattress coupon good for any size. 

This post is written on behalf of Leesa Mattress by me. Even though a mattress was provided, all opinions remain my own.

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