Why You Should Be Looking for Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) When Buying Infant Formula

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My second son was born a month early, coming into this world with the cord wrapped around his neck. They immediately whisked away his ashen little body as I begged to know why he wasn’t crying. After multiple promises that he would be able to come back to my room “shortly,” I forced my way down to the NICU where he was hooked up to a variety of machines to help him breathe and to monitor his vitals. He remained in the NICU for ten days with a feeding tube and CPAP machine.

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I couldn’t nurse him, and my milk was late coming in. I was discharged from the hospital and had to go home to care for my three-year-old while my newborn stayed in the hospital. My heart broke leaving the hospital without him. I would go home at night to be with my older son and rush back to the hospital during the day to be with my struggling newborn.

Ultimately, I chose to give him formula. It was a difficult decision, but I did what worked for our family. As I researched formulas, Similac stood out to me because it addresses the very issues of concern that many mothers have when comparing breast milk to formula.

As a mother, I know breast milk is the gold standard in infant nutrition, but when it’s not available, infant formula is the only safe and recommended alternative. Similac is created with the help of Abbott researchers, who have spent years analyzing breastmilk and have uncovered how important Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) are to immune system development. Following milk and carbohydrates, HMOs are third most abundant ingredient in breastmilk, and Abbott researchers have conducted more than a decade of research on HMOs to make Similac closer to breast milk than ever before.

HMOs feed the good bacteria in a baby’s gut and some are also absorbed in the bloodstream, which helps develop a baby’s immune system. Similac was the first infant formula in the United States to contain 2’-FL HMO. This prebiotic is naturally found in most breast milk and colostrum that circulates throughout the body.

Like with any other product you consume, it is important to look at labels. Similac assures parents with the signature HMO drop on the label. Then, a simple review of the ingredients verifies that the formula does actually contain HMOs. It is listed in the ingredients as proof that the label is not an empty promise like some competing brands who put HMO on the label even though they don’t actually contain HMOs. Check out this video for more!


Having a premature baby also meant that I wanted a formula that supported my son’s development. Similac formula has DHA, lutein, and Vitamin E to aid in growth as well as brain and eye development.

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Breastfeeding isn’t always an option, and Similac has spent years perfecting its product to give parents the next best choice. Before you choose a formula, educate yourself on the importance of HMOs and always read the labels. Learn about how you can spot the difference in labels, and. choose a brand that honestly portrays its formula and supports your baby’s health and development.

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