Notorious RBG Gifts Guide: 34 Things Every Ruth Bader Ginsberg Fan Needs

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My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent. – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a cult following like no other Supreme Court Justice, and for good reason. Born to Russian Jewish immigrants, Ginsburg has walked a rocky path to get to a seat on the Supreme Court, overcoming a multitude of trails and tribulations to get where she is today.

She is a beacon of in the fight against gender discrimination and hard to not love after seeing the recent movie, RBG.

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We’ve got a roundup of the best RBG-themed gifts that are sure to please even the most discerning fan of the Notorious RBG. From books and clothing to jewelry and home decor, there’s something for everyone on this list.

If you’ve become as much of an adoring fan of Justice Ginsburg as I have, then you’ll enjoy this list of 35 RBG gift ideas for yourself and your friends!

Most of these gift ideas are on Etsy, so a purchase will also support small businesses.

ruth bader ginsberg gift guide for notorious rbg fans

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Get to Know the Notorious RBG

Notorious RBG

If you haven’t heard of this book (or god forbid RBG!), this is step number one to becoming a lifelong fan of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Don’t let the playful title throw you. This book is an in depth look at the life and work of RBG.

It details her dedication, her struggles, the deep love she had for her husband, and why she is still going strong even in her 80s. 


When There Are 9

RBG 19

Any true RBG fan will know this quote and be proud to wear this pin from Dissent Pins

Wine Glass

RBG 31

You can find the quote on a wine glass too from Snowflake Avalanche. Because, we all need a little wine

RBG Shirt

RBG 12

Any badass RBG fan needs this t-shirt from Creattee

Ginsburg Pillow 


Get a daily dose of Ruth with this fun sequin pillow. The portrait of Ruth is revealed with a swipe of the sequins and the back features the gavel. This pop art pillow will be a reminder of Ruth’s awesomeness even when you are lounging. 

RBG Earrings 

RBG 20

Make a fashion statement with these cuter than cute RBG earrings from The Foxy Hipster

RBG PopSocket 


Give the Notorious RBG PopSocket for a stocking stuffer.  

RBG Collar

RBG 27

Femmes Fortes makes full size RBG collars for ladies to wear proudly in union with Ruth. 

RBG Print

RBG 26

This beautiful print from Iconicos is on upcycled dictionary paper. 

RBG Bottle Opener

RBG 32

For the feminist beer lover in your life, give them a RBG bottle opener from Merch Crafters

RBG Accessory Pouch

RBG 29 e1549750129768

Give this pouch from Girlie Mugs to your favorite RBG fan. 

RBG Action Figure

RBG 23

This lady is cool enough for her own action figure. Any RBG fan will want this collectible. 

RBG iPhone Case

RBG 25

The Film Artist creates these cases so Ruth can protect iPhones now. 

I Dissent Pin 


Get a I Dissent pin from Jersey Sand Patches for the RBG fan in your life. 

RBG Plush

RBG 28

Give an RBG Plush from Little Rebel Rosie to even the littlest of RBG fans. 

RBG Notebook

RBG 33

Give this RBG notebook from Girlie Mugs to anyone that needs to write down all those goals they are tackling. 



It was pretty scary when the news came out that RBG recently broke some of her ribs in a fall, but in true Notorious RBG style, she was back at work within 24 hours. RBG’s badassery needs to be documented on a mug like this one from Shop Pretty Phoxie

RBG Keychain

RBG 30

danger AND mayhem make this inspiring RBG keychain perfect to give to your best feminist friend.


RBG 34

Red Boots Design makes hats honoring RBG that are great for men and women.  

RBG Sweatshirt

RBG 10

Get this cozy Notorious RBG sweatshirt from Left Wing Swag

RBG Magnet 

RBG 21

Give the RBG magnet to hang all those art projects from kiddos, bills or just to judge every food choice. 

Workout Like RBG

RBG 15

Ever wonder how RBG is still going in her 80s? It is all in her workout. Check out this wall calendar that features real workout moves RBG does to stay fit. 

Daily Reminder

RBG 18

Give this hangable quote from US Top Designs as a daily reminder of RBG’s words of wisdom. 

Air Freshener 


A real RBG fan needs this dissent air freshener from Archie McPhee

RBG Paper Doll

RBG 24

Go back to childhood and enjoy some time with these Supreme Court Paper Dolls. They come with robes as well as street clothes and accessories.  

Collar Necklace 

RBG 11

For those that admire RBG, they can wear a necklace from Dissent Pins that represents her iconic collar. 

I Dissent Mug


While the classy Ginsburg wouldn’t ever “flip the bird”, her sharp tongued dissents verbally capture the spirit of the gesture. If you feel like flipping the bird and dissenting, you need this mug


RBG 17

Any real RBG fan will definitely love these Judgmints

Dissent Collar Earrings 


Give these Dissent Earrings for a little RBG accessory style. 

Notorious RGB Ornament 


Honor RBG during the holiday season with a Christmas ornament.  

The Supremes

RBG 14

Celebrate all the ladies that have made it to the bench with this sweatshirt from Plum USA

Ruth’s Story – From Ruth 


If you don’t know much about Ruth, this book is a must-read for any fan of Justice Ginsburg. Get to know Ruth’s story right from the source. Her wit and humor shines through he tale of shattering the glass ceiling. 

This book is a compilation of some of Justice Ginsburg’s most important speeches, RBG quotes and writings throughout her career. It offers readers a unique insight into her personal thoughts on a wide range of topics, from gender equality to the role of the court in society.

RBG Documentary 

RBG 16 1

Buy or rent the RBG documentary and share with all the other RBG fans you know. 

RBG Wrapping Paper

RBG 13

Wrap all of these awesome RBG gifts with – what else but RBG wrapping paper from Earthereal Design

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