10 Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Outfit Ideas

Groomsmen Outifts Inspiration

Not only is it important for the couple to look perfect on their wedding day, but it’s also important for the groomsmen, because to quote ZZ Top, “every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.”  The bride wants the guys to look handsome and sharp for the photos, while the single guys want to impress the single ladies.

It seems at the moment that anything goes, from the traditional matching tuxedos, to the more trendy vests and suspenders, or shorts/jeans depending on the location and theme of the wedding.

I’m not sure where the above photo was taken, but I like the idea of the guys in Bermuda shorts, for a destination wedding in Bermuda. (Source: One to Wed)

Beach weddings can be formal or more casual and trends run from linen and flip flops to traditional tuxedos. (Source: Magnet Street)

Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Attire

Another trend I spotted a few times, are styles that allow the groomsmen to show their personalities, with their choice of ties, vests, suspenders or hats. (Source: Well Groomed Blog)

Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Attire

Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Attire

I like the way the groomsmen in this photo, all wore different ties in shades of blue and purple, but I love their tennis shoes. (Source: The Youngrens)
Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Attire

In an effort to save the groomsmen money, there’s no need for them to buy new suits if they can all wear suits in the same color family. (Source: Chicago Tribune)

Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Attire

Suspenders are bringing style and sexy back! (Source: Green Wedding Shoes)Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Attire

Mixing similar colors and patterns is another popular trend, especially for rustic weddings. (Source: Austin Gros)
Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Attire

Gingham and ties are stylish, gingham and bow ties are very popular among groomsmen. (Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Attire

Black and gray compliment each other, and I like the idea of a polka dot bow tie. (Source: Brides Preston Bailey)

Stylish and Trendy Groomsmen Attire

I think my favorite trend may be mixing colors and patterns…what’s your favorite?

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