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How to Throw a Splashing Fun Little Mermaid Party

The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favorite Disney classics. I still today find myself humming Sha la la la la la, Kiss The Girl during romantic movies. Now that The Little Mermaid has been released from the Disney vault I know it will be inspiring a whole new generation of kids who love the classic. I’ve already scene Mermaid costumes sprouting up in time for Halloween but why let the magic stop there? Check out the awesome DIY Ideas we found for hosting a Little Mermaid Party.



I love both of these Invitations.

Some fun phrases to incorporate into the invitations:

  • Flippin’ Your Fins
  • DingleHopper
  • Thingamabobs
  • Under the Sea
  • Splashing Good Time

A few thoughts – invite friends to come in costume OR provide costumes for your guest as party favors.


Decorate your space using seafoams, light purples and sky blues.If you need to break up the color scheme try adding splashes of coral or red. Finally, pick up play or costume jewelry (pearls are great) to string along the house. Nautical items like sand dollars, star fish and nets are also great!

These fun monogram signs can be used on tables or chair back. Plus, birthday kids will love help decorating them with stickers.

I love this look because it’s a little more sophisticated, perfect for an older child.

Most of the items on this table can be picked up at novelty and crafting stores for cheap. I love the over all look.



How easy are these starfish sandwiches? They’re great for guest with allergies or food aversions because you can offer a large variety with ease.

From cookies to cake the Little Mermaid theme can be incorporated on nearly anything.



These fun activities from Disney’s Spoonful double as a keepsake, party favor. You can find step by step instructions and a list of materials at Disney Spoonful.


Little Mermaid Diamond Edition

And of course, in order for it to be the Best Little Mermaid Party Ever, you MUST have a screening of the film! Luckily, The Little Mermaid is now available on DVD, Blu Ray (for the FIRST TIME!) and Digital Copy for a limited time. Watch it before or during your party to be captivated by the magic and make sure you grab your copy before it goes back into the Disney Vault!

Thank you Disney Home Entertainment for providing me with a copy of The Little Mermaid!

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