Monsters University: We Came, We Saw, We Scared #MonstersUEvent

Monsters University Jumping

It’s real, I told you it was. And now I have pictures to prove it – Monsters University does exist! I’ve been there. I walked through the wrought iron gates and onto the campus lawns of Monsters University located inside – the start to my exciting Pixar Animation Studios tour.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (5)

As soon as we stepped off the school bus, we were welcomed by the University Drum Corp. They were totally cooler than the band geeks at my high school!

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (7)

We headed down the main pathway because before we could attend classes, we had to get our Student I.D.’s.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (6)

That’s right folks it was picture day at school.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (8)

Then we met a few of our fellow cast mates – you might know them – Mr. James P. Sullivan and the one and only Mike Wazowski.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (1)

I stopped by the student bulletin board for all of the happenings and there was even a poster for a missing eyeball? Hope someone turns it in!

Monsters University MonstersUEvent

After a 40 minute video (aka the first 40 minutes of Monsters University) we were turned loose to sign up for clubs and greek life. There were so many to choose from Books Worms, MU Debate, Art Club, Improv and more.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (2)

Once we were registered and settled into our dorms, we found this student mixer that was raging that night and scored all sorts of delicious eats like a chocolate cup of joy, a mini toffee, chocolate, salt cup of love and even champagne! I ate everything so fast that I didn’t even have time to take a picture. Believe me, it was much better than the standard Top Ramen dinner I usually have!

The next morning we got up bright and early to head into a full day of school with 5 classes. I’m still gathering my notes, but I’ll share them with you soon (don’t worry, definitely before the test!).

*UPDATE* My notes from class are finally up! You can see them here:

  • SOCIOLOGY 203: Deconstruction of a Character with Ricky Nierva (Production Designer) & Jason Deamer (Character Art Director)
  • ENGLISH 101: How to Tell a Great Story with Instructor Kelsey Mann (Story Supervisor)
  • PHYSICS 250: Global Illumination with JC Kalache (DP-Lighting), Sanjay Bakshi (Tech Dir) & Christine Waggoner (Simulation)
  • DRAMATIC ARTS: Bringing a Character to Life with Instructor Scott Clark (Supervising Animator)
  • ANTHROPOLOGY 152: Monsterizing the World w Dice Tsutsumi (Shading/Lighting Art Director) & Robert Kondo (Sets Art Director)

Speaking of tests, we each had to perform a placement test to see where we stood on the Scare-O-Meter.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (9)

It wasn’t until our second day at Monsters University, that I was really able to soak it in. Pixar Animation Studios was everything you envision. There was a ton of natural light, clean work spaces and open layout plans. The passion and creativity surrounded you in such thickness that you could not help but to be inspired.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (11)

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (13)

I think that the recreational outnumbered work spaces with a pool table, foosball tables, comfortable couches, new and retro video games and more.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (12)

The walls were covered with giant artwork depicting scenes from DisneyPixar movies including a huge Mural of Monsters University.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (16)

We even got to see the world famous cereal bar.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (3)

The beautiful architecture and artwork wasn’t limited to the walls. Even the ceilings in the Steve Job wing were beautiful.

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (10)

Monsters University MonstersUEvent (14)

The recreation extended past the lounge too. With bean bag chairs to sit on and a pool to swim in after long hours of tedious details. I knew right away that I was going to love this place! In the end, we all graduated with flying colors.

Monsters University Bloggers

Be sure to stay tuned for in depth notes on my classes and what Mike and Sully are up to these days!

I have been invited to attend Monsters University by Disney/Pixar and will receive a full scholarship to pay for all my expenses. I have promised to complete all my homework in a timely manner and not to cheat on tests.

monsters university

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY releases in theaters on June 21st! Register for classes online:
“Follow” Disney/Pixar on Twitter
and visit the Official Monsters University website.

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  1. Susan Broughton
    May 12, 2013 at 8:29 am — Reply

    Wow this is another world inside a world! It looks like so much fun! I bet that it was a great time too

  2. May 12, 2013 at 6:36 pm — Reply

    I cannot wait to see this movie!! love the cereal bar my kids would love that lol

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